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Appointment of DG PSQCA challenged in IHC

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) has been contacted on Thursday against the summary moved by the Ministry of Science and technology (MoST) for appointment of General manager of Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), an annexed department of the ministry.

Dr. Shahzad Afzal, petitioned, appointing the MoST Secretary, the Division for the Establishment of the Secretary and the Interim PSQCA Director General as interviewees.

During first hearing of the case on Thursday Judge Arbab Tahir of The Islamabad High Court issued notices to respondents to submit their comments on the written petition.

The counsel for Petitioner Raja Saif Ur Rehman said the proposed appointee is a retiree air force official and unprecedented of standard quality.

Through the petition, the counsel presented that the petitioner he had challenged the nomination proposal of DG PSQCA on reasons that the nomination based on nepotism was supposed to be made in an illegal way e against the law in force.

The petitioner said that appointment of an unprecedented person in the field of standard and the quality rating was in course made while the announcement was not in compliance with Management Stairs Policy 2020 rather in violation of She said policy.

The petitioner said the appointment was made by a “defective and incomplete” selection board e in violation of envisaged law down by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The proposed appointment was totally partial and seems to favor an officer in retirement of the armed forces without any legitimate reasonlui added.

The petitioner said the proposed appointment was to be made against a post of BPS-22 while the post of DG as per rules waterfalls in Category BPS-21.

In addition, the proposed appointment had to be made in a tailor-made way in which the experience mentioned in advertising was not in line with management scales policy rather it was in line with experience of the candidate proposed to favor him.

The petitioner said the proposed appointment was to be made in order of merit as expected down in a management ladder policy 2020 but the merit was violated and the candidates from the fund were chosen.

«The proposed appointment was in course made without forwarding the score sheet to the closet which is a requirement of law cited in management scales policy 2020, paragraph 3 (vi), “on petitioner She said in the petition.

The counsel for petitioner claimed that Dr. Shahzad Afzal, a highly qualified candidate, having vast international experience in relevant fields, he was the suitable candidate for the post of DG PSQCA.

PSQCA is a organization responsible for maintaining quality and standard of imported non-food food products / products in Pakistan and plays an important role role in the development and well-being of citizens.

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