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Apple Silicon: Report announces Mac Pro with 20 and Apple M3 with 40 processor cores

Apple is reportedly working on sensational new processors. (Graphic: Andrey Suslov / Shutterstock.com)

Macs have been working with Apple’s own processors for around a year: After the front row came M1 recently launched the performance update with the M1 Pro and the M1 Max (test). According to experts, the new mobile chips even beat the fastest desktop processors in the competition. While they are still being subjected to intensive testing, new information about the further roadmap has now emerged. The Information claims to have gotten to internal papers and publishes their contents.

Mac Pro 2022: Design with double DIE and up to 20 processor cores

The magazine writes that the highly anticipated Mac Pro will be released next year and will continue to rely on the M1 architecture. But Apple is supposed to more than compensate for this with another trick: The Mac manufacturer is allegedly working on M1 variants with two DIEs. In addition, the professional series in the desktop segment could come onto the market with a dual processor setup. As of today, the M1 Max beats all available consumer processors from AMD and Intel. If the manufacturer succeeds in the double-DIE design, he could practically use twice as many cores and thus significantly expand his lead. The article mentions configurations with up to 20 processor cores.

M2 is based on 5 nm process

In the next year the second Generation of M-Chips come out. Its code name is “Rhodes” – Apple presumably markets it under the name M2. Rhodes is based on an improved 5 nm process and therefore only offers moderate efficiency advantages. But here, too, double DIE designs are supposed to bring strong increases in performance.

M3 with up to 40 CPU cores

The third According to the report, generation Apple processors consists of three products that the court supplier TSMC is supposed to manufacture using the 3 nm process. The code names are “Ibiza”, “Lobos” and “Palma”. Apple could launch the three chips under the name M3. “Ibiza” is supposed to represent the “normal” M3, which will first find its way into the MacBook Air and probably into the Mac mini. “Lobos” and “Palma” therefore represent the performance variants that correspond to the current “Pro” and “Max” series. The report says that they should have up to four DIEs with up to 40 CPU cores. Accordingly, it is not to be expected that the competition from the PC warehouse will regain the performance crown in the next few years.

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