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Apple may not block links to third-party payment methods

Apple may not prevent other companies from linking in their apps to third-party payment methods outside the App Store.
The judge in the case between Apple and Epic Games decided last Friday. This means that developers are allowed to place links in their apps to third-party payment methods to make purchases in their apps. The ruling will take effect in 90 days. In all other areas, however, the judge has ruled in Apple’s favor. Apple is allowed to prevent other companies from launching their own stores on Apple platforms. The company has not broken US antitrust laws, according to the judge. This is an important ruling for Apple, because a different ruling could have resulted in many more companies suing them. In an initial response, Apple therefore focuses on that statement. “The court has confirmed what we always knew: The App Store does not violate antitrust laws.”

The lawsuit between Apple and Epic started last years after Epic made its own payment system for the popular Fortnite available via the App Store. As a result, Apple pulled the game from the App Store. Epic therefore sued Apple. The company believes that the payment of 30 percent to Apple is too high and that developers have no choice in this. Apple is not obliged to allow Fortnite back on the App Store.

This is a modified message . The original message on Gamer.nl had misinterpreted the matter.

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