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Apple extends the battery life of the Airpods 3 and makes the Homepod Mini more colorful

Apple extends the battery life of the Airpods 3 and makes the Homepod Mini more colorful

Apple presents Airpods 3. (Screenshot: t3n)

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Apple presented the third generation of its Airpods at its “Unleashed” event. The Airpods 3 can do more and last longer than their predecessors. The Homepod Minis are more colorful.

After around two and a half years, Apple has reissued its Airpods wireless entry-level in-ear headphones, while Airpods Pro fans will probably have to wait a year for the second generation. In return, the Airpods 3 have received a number of features from the Pro version. In particular, they should improve the sound quality. The third generation of Airpods includes Adaptive EQ and Spatial Audio.

Adaptive EQ, for example, is an integrated equalizer that adjusts the sound of the Airpods to the sound source in real time. An inward-facing microphone monitors the sound and adjusts the lower and middle frequencies. With Spatial Audio, a kind of 3D sound should move into the Airpods. According to Apple, the built-in Dolby Atmos and Dynamic Head Tracking ensure even better sound. This should not only sound better music and films, but also group calls with Facetime.

Apple Airpods 3: With spatial audio. (Photo: Apple)

Apple has also screwed up the battery life of the Airpods. The third generation of earplugs should be able to listen to music for up to six hours at a time. Conversations should be able to last four hours. A five-minute charge should allow an additional hour of operation. With the help of the charging case, the battery life increases to up to 30 hours. In addition, the charging case is now Magsafe-compatible and can be charged wirelessly.

Charge wirelessly: The Airpods 3 charging case is now Magsafe-enabled. (Image: Apple)

New Airpods in Pro design, but without silicone

Apple has also changed the Airpods design a bit. Corresponding photos had already appeared in February. Here, too, the Airpods 3 are based on their Pro colleagues. The handle is shorter and now contains the force sensor controls. The new headphones are now sweat- and splash-proof. However, they do not have the silicone cushions known from the Airpods Pro.

The Airpods 3 can be ordered immediately and will be delivered from next week . Cost: 199 euros. The predecessors (Airpods 2) will cost 149 euros in the future. The Airpods Pro now come with a Magsafe charging case – still at a price of 279 euros.

The Airpods require Apple devices with iOS 15.1 , iPadOS 15.1, watchOS 8.1, tvOS 15.1 or macOS Monterey. All updates to these versions should be delivered according to Apple in the coming week.

Homepod Mini new in yellow, orange and blue

Probably because all Apple force was focused on the new M1 chips and the Macbook Pro it has the Homepod Mini is only enough to have a new coat of paint. The small round Siri speakers come in the three new colors yellow, orange and blue. They are still available in white and gray.

In addition, the updated Homepod Mini understand more commands. The intention is to keep different voices apart in the budget to be extended to other regions. In the future, there will also be an automatic volume control that is based on the conditions in the respective room. And Homepod Minis can be connected to Apple TVs.

Colorful Homepod Mini: Transfer to iPhone. (Image: Apple)

It is also interesting to have an iPhone close to a Homepod Mini to play the music on it so seamlessly. The new Homepod Mini cost 99 euros and should be available from November.

New voice-only subscription for Apple Music

Apple also started his presentation, in which the company wanted to concentrate on music and Macs a new subscription variant for his music app. It is now available – to match the Homepod Minis – as a voice-only version that costs EUR 4.99 per month. For comparison: the version for single users costs 9.99 euros, the version for families 14.99 euros. Apple has announced the start of the voice subscription “later in autumn”.

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