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Apple Business Essentials: New device management for freelancers and SMEs with a monthly subscription

Apple brings new device management for small businesses. (Image: Apple)

“Apple Business Essentials” is the name of the new service that the Californian hardware and software manufacturer has initially only launched in the USA for companies with up to 500 employees. It is now starting in a beta phase and should be available as a regular offer from spring 2022.

Administrators dream: New employees can be easily matched with new devices

The main benefit of the Business Essentials is simple device management for administrators. The Business Essentials offer the possibility of equipping new devices with fixed standard configurations and the required company software. In addition, the onboarding of new employees is made easier by the fact that personal default settings can be set that are made when logging in to the device for the first time.

In addition to the management functions, Apple has bundled a few other services into the subscription. Subscribers receive iCloud storage and an optional service hotline as well as on-site repair services. Hotline and on-site repairs are not part of the beta and should only be offered in the coming year.

Price initially manageable, but essential services are still missing

In terms of price, Apple’s new offer remains manageable for the time being. The single-device plan for one device costs $ 3 a month and includes 50 gigabytes of cloud storage. The multi-device plan starts with a price for up to three devices, costs 7 dollars a month and offers 200 gigabytes of storage space. From the fourth device and larger teams onwards, there is the user-based multi-device plan, which also provides two terabytes of storage per user for 13 dollars a month.

Apple does not intend to give access to the hotline and repair service until 2022 via the so-called “Applecare Plus for Business Essentials”. Apple will then comment on prices. It is already clear that the hotline, which Business Essentials customers with Applecare Plus add-ons can access, will support both IT administrators and end users. The on-site repairs included in the price will be limited to two assignments per year. It is still uncertain whether, when and to what extent the “Apple Business Essentials” will come to Germany.

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