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anger over IndiGo prevents boarding to disabled child, parents At Ranchi Airport | India latest news

Facebook post on how employees of IndiGo airlines banned the teenager with special Needs a plane ride along with for him parents at Ranchi Airport on Saturday created a stir on social media Force the airline to issue A statement explaining why its employees are doing so. FB post Originally shared by Manisha Gupta who Witnessed the incident and it has now gone viral.

Indigo staff announced That the child would not be allowed to take the trip. He was risk for other passengers. That he had to become “normal,” before he could travel. Then the staff went on to say something on lines of like this and that of Drunk passengers are deemed unfit to travel.” Facebook post Written by Gupta said.

according to postthere was an uproar in the aftermath announcement As other passengers said they don’t have anything problem with child and owner parents travel. There were doctors among the passengers who Asking the airport staff to consult the airport doctor post She said. he was there government official who Get out of the crowd of The passengers said the child had the right to travel. The post added that three of Finally, they were not allowed to travel while the chaos continued for sometimes.

The airline issued a statement in Who said it was a child in Country of Panic and wait for the ground staff for him to calm down down but even last Moment restless down. “Airlines made The family Convenient by providing hotel accommodation for them and family Flew next morning to their destination. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused for passengers. IndiGo is proud of itself on Being a comprehensive organization, be it for employees or their clients; And over 75,000 passengers with special abilities fly with IndiGo every month.”

comment on Activist Anjali Agarwal said the incident ‘broke out’. up“While I was drafting civil aviation rulesGuaranteed no compromises! With realization it can be difficult at the end of peace also. situation analysis, dialogue both frm sideand find solutions tosupport pax travel is imp. @IndiGo6E is 1 of The best I wrote.

viral account also It is mentioned that the child was in great Initial distress after feeling ‘too uncomfortable car ride to the airport” parents They were taking care of him with Some passengers stopped to inquire if they need Any help, the situation caught attention of employees of Indigo Airlines who They said they won’t be allowed to board Until the child becomes “normal,” the post Adding that when he began to board the plane, the child had his food and juice and was calming down down.


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