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Anger as deputy assistant jokes about being on SNP “Sauce bus”

Spindoctor AN SNP accused of “insulting” voters after calling partyluxurious elections coach soy bus.

Smirking Sally Donald posed next to vehicle shortly before this, Nicola Sturgeon visited Portobello beach in Edinburgh to campaign about cost of a life on Sunday.

First Minister coach decorated with messages encouraging public “send Boris a message” to “easing the pressure” on hard pressed families.

However, Miss Donald, who also later for selfie with Miss Sturgeon seems to treat it was a joke, assuming it was SNP version of feeder, lung remedy money.

In the now-deleted tweet, she was shown standing. next to the bus door with the message “All aboard the sauce bus”, followed by “party face’ and ‘zani face emoticons.

SNP womenofficer for Edinburg Central, Ms. Donald has been appointed”head of communications” for Livingston MP Hanna Bardell in March.

Lothians Tory board member Sue Webber said: “This tweet offends and humiliates many.” people who are struggling with in cost-of-living crisis right now.

“It’s all too typical of SNP out-oftouching and arrogant attitude after 15 years in power that this person will find it acceptable post in time of real difficulties.

“Considering amount of taxpayers money which was wasted on numerous failed projects, I doubt they will see the funny side of This.”

Alba MP Neil Hanvey said: “The SNP was supposed to be pushing for independence, but that’s not even on radar of management and their henchmen on. Gravy boat or independence?

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