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Andhra State in Shock as a gang raped a woman on railway platform, husband to be beaten up

police teams Formed to investigate the crime that happened at Ripal Railway Station in Babatla district, Andhra Pradesh in in early time hours of On Sunday, it arrested three people, including a minor.

In a horrific incident, a 25-year-old woman was assaulted and raped at Ribal railway station in Babatla district, Andhra Pradesh in in early time hours of Sunday. police teams formed to investigate crime Three people, including a minor, were arrested on the same day. adults men It is marked as 20-year25-year- Old Paluchuri Nikhil. The third accused is a minor. who It was in conflict with Earlier law as well, is accused in previous cases of theft.

the survivor is husband Their three children had come to Guntur two days ago for Building work. They had taken a train to Tenali, from where they had taken a train to Repalle. At night of On April 30th, they arrived at Ribal railway station 20 minutes before midnight and got stuck so they decided to stay back on Platform. According to the police, three people wake them up up To ask them about the time and when the survivor husband They said they don’t have a watch, they assaulted him.

After that, the three accused were said to have taken 750 rupees which the survivor had taken, and when she tried to stop them, she dragged her behind nearby bush. Ha husband Went to Ribal Police Station with The help of The locals made a complaint. police personnel searched in area And found the victim in some shrubs. She reportedly told the police that the two had sexually assaulted her. The case was subsequently registered by Repalle Town CI. The victim and her wound husband They were taken to the hospital.

Bapatla SP Vakul Jindal met The woman visited the scene of the accident of The crimeand then three teams It was set up to investigate. a dog Squad and clues team It was used to collect evidence. Soon, the accused was arrested in Ribal Town Netaji Nagar by A special team Led by Repalle DSP and his CI teams, their belongings were seized.

The Deputy Secretary-General directed the officials to file an indictment promptly in accordance with the Disha Act of 2019.

Before arresting the accused, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy expressed his concern over the incident. Minister for Health and family care V Rajini said that government will take everything possible steps to ensure harshest punishment for the perpetrators.


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