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Analyst: SpaceX could make Elon Musk the first trillionaire of the modern age

Elon Musk is getting richer and richer – and soon also a billionaire? (Photo: dpa)

Each of these three ultra-rich, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk, were already at the top of Bloomberg’s billionaire rankings. Musk is currently in the lead – and has got a clear lead over the Billionaires College: inside. The wealth of the Tesla boss is currently estimated at 252 billion US dollars. Bezos follows by a respectful margin, with an estimated $ 193 billion in second place. Gates, in fourth place, still owns $ 134 billion. An analyst at the US investment bank Morgan Stanley predicts Musk will receive the next boost from SpaceX.

SpaceX is supposed to bring Musk into trillionaire spheres

So far, according to Adam Jonas, Musk has made most of his fortune with Tesla. In the future, SpaceX will take on the leading role, as the British Guardian writes. The space company will make the multi-billionaire the first trillionaire of the modern age. Last year, the then-Amazon CEO Bezos was predicted to have the greatest chances of this quantum leap. According to an analysis by Comparisun, Bezos would be trillionaire in 2026 with an assumed mountain of money increasing by 34 percent percent annually.

Now Musk is the favorite for the title that the legendary King Mansa Musa and the Roman Emperor Augustus are said to have worn in times long past. According to analyst Jonas, SpaceX with its reusable Starship rocket has the potential to transform investor expectations around the space industry. After all, the SpaceX spaceships could not only bring cargo, but also people to the moon and Mars in the future.

Analyst: Inside: SpaceX becomes a trillion company

SpaceX, which has just risen to become a $ 100 billion startup, could soon be worth $ 200 billion, according to Morgan Stanley analysts. And that’s just the beginning. The road to the highest rated company is in the realm of possible, as SpaceX can cover a number of space industries, such as space infrastructure, earth observation and space exploration. Currently, Apple is the most expensive company in the world with a market capitalization of $ 2.5 trillion. If SpaceX were to ascend into these spheres, Musk, who owns almost half of SpaceX, would be a trillionaire in one fell swoop.

In general, Musk has made a rapid leap in the billionaire ranking in the past few months – so his fortune has grown explosively. As recently as January 2020, Musk was in 35th place on the super-rich list. Less than a year later, Musk had replaced Bezos as the richest person in the world. Musk’s fortune is said to have grown by over $ 80 billion in the course of this year alone. That too is unique. However, the wealth of the richest people has generally grown rapidly since the beginning of the year. The top ten currently consists exclusively of people who are said to have more than 100 billion dollars each.

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