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[Analysis] Gang Beasts for Nintendo Switch

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Gang Beasts for Nintendo Switch


After several years giving pounding on other platforms, finally coming to Nintendo Switch Gang Beasts , a light and entertaining party of friends Boneloaf with which to spend an entertaining afternoon with friends … and with enemies of course. Put on your buffalo suit, wrestling wrestler outfit, hamburger hat or whatever because it’s time to hang out.


No character development, no story arcs, here we come to smash our backs with a clean fist … or dirty flying kick, or jostling the subway tracks… Beef City is the ideal place for some gelatinous characters to have fun all over the city. The aquarium, the factory, the roof terrace, the subway I was talking about… Anywhere is good for it. Ergo choose one of the 20 scenarios available or leave it to chance and decide your strategy at the last second before the bell rings. The last player to stand wins. Literally standing, because to win you have to knock out the opponents and take advantage of those seconds in which they cannot do anything to throw them off stage . The best of x rounds will be the winner of the evening, something simple a priori, but with a lot of spice and lots of laughs in between.

Game Modes

The Gang Beasts has 4 modes that are: Melee . Equipment

, as indicated, players will split into two camps and cooperate to claim the slippery victory. Surges , where all the players join together against hordes of bots that will want to throw us off the stage. You have to coordinate and do the same against them, especially with especially large enemies. Soccer, the only game mode where there is a timer per game in addition to making two teams. Whoever scores the most goals in the opposing goal within the time limit, wins. Obviously there is no referee here, if a kick lands on the opponent’s rib instead of on the ball, nothing has happened here.

Technical section

Perhaps one of the sections that least stands out

be the soundtrack, the soundtrack has interesting themes, but not for this type of play. Sound effects beyond knocks are , giving the feeling of a scene devoid of life. The performance on the other hand is stable, without frame drops, acceptable loading screens … This is a direct consequence of having chosen this artistic direction so much its own. As own as its gameplay, which at first is somewhat chaotic. However, once you have mastered the KO, “anti-exit” grabs, climbing, and throwing (things that

never explains the game to you

), it becomes a more fun experience. But until that point, it is likely that several players will remain with that it is a macha-buttons without more.

My conclusions

THE UGLY: A tutorial or practice area would be ideal for the first contact. / That it is not possible to create-search online lobbies by room code, by lobby …

THE RARE: The option you have decided for the character-costume selector. Being so many and so varied, it ends up being difficult to see everything there is. / The soundtrack falls short due to lack of songs with a good “punch”, thus diluting the rhythm of the game. / That there is no melee mode against bots.

THE GOOD: Character customization is very broad, making each player easily distinguishable. There’s even Rick and Morty as official cameos. / Up to 8 players hitting each other. / The laughs and the good vibes that it generates when playing it with friends. / Local multiplayer (1-4), wireless and online (1-8).

You have the game available in the Nintendo Switch eShop for 29, € 99. Your download size is 2300 MB. Analyzed version 1.0.1.

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