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An Iraqi bride who was swallowed by the English Channel.. Instead of the dress as a white shroud

Away from the political exchanges taking place between France and Britain against the backdrop of the migrant crisis crossing the French coast towards the English Channel, hoping to achieve the dream of “prosperity”, a tragedy lurks.

It is the disaster of hundreds of refugees who are swallowed up by water Between the two countries, and perhaps the last of its chapters, 27 people were killed on Thursday by drowning in the English Channel.

Among those drowned, the first victims were identified, namely, the Iraqi Maryam Nuri Muhammad Amin.

A message from aboard the flight of death

The 24-year-old Kurdish young woman was preparing to meet her fiancé, but the sea betrayed her dreams, so she pulled out a blue body, and wrapped a shroud instead of a dress. The white wedding.

In the context, the young woman’s fiancé, Amin Baran, who lives in the United Kingdom, explained that she was texting him during this death journey, when the boat began to sink. And he told the British “BBC” network, that she was constantly trying to reassure him, stressing that no harm would be counted, and that the rescue teams would seek to help them. They exchange messages on Snapchat before the water starts to seep into the boat, which loses its balance, while the passengers start getting water out of it. He said he was following her location using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Mary with her fiancé

except that The wind did not bring the bride’s dreams, so all but two of the passengers died off the northern French coast.

This journey of death not only kidnapped Mary, but also included six other women, one of whom was pregnant, and three children, besides

It is reported that joint French-British rescue teams were mobilized at 2 pm on Wednesday afternoon, after spotting a small fishing boat in the middle of the water carrying dozens of illegal immigrants off the coast of France.

However, the search process was canceled at a late date, to ignite a crisis of mutual responsibilities and accusations between the two parties, over the bodies floating in the water.

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