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An intelligent tissue replacement material was developed at the University of Debrecen

A research project with a non-refundable EU grant of HUF 1 billion has been completed in Debrecen. The consortium of PREMED Pharma Kft. And the University of Debrecen (DE) has implemented a four-year research and development project for the artificial replacement of corneas and bone tissue within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program, the results of which may be used economically in the near future.

The members of the consortium have developed new technologies for the production of transparent gels with appropriate optical properties and bioactive aerogels with special properties, according to

The medical applicability of these substances has been studied in animal experiments by developing a model, a surgical procedure and an implant to assess the biological efficacy of a new bone substitute developed and manufactured in the form of granules, the project wrote. They added that the effect of the bone substitute developed in the project on the rate, dynamism and strength of bone healing and bone growth was studied in detail.

The results confirmed the tissue integration stimulating effect and immunological neutrality and at the same time its raison d’être among similar products, which supports the success of the project – read the communication. The project, based on the original Hungarian intellectual capital and innovation, created a unique professional base in international comparison for the production of aerogel-based intelligent tissue substitutes and their in vitro and in vivo testing. ”

As a result of the project new perspectives are opening up for new human medical treatments, the university said in a statement.

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