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An innovative competition for young IT developers with a total prize fund of several million forints is launched

Budapest JunctionX Hackathon, which began its aggressive path 4 years ago and became one of the favorites of the international technology community, will again be held in Budapest. The 48-hour marathon of innovation competition, in addition to the multimillion-dollar prize fund, most of all attracts participants because they can search for answers to challenges that can really change the world. This year, applicants will have a special training day as part of their preparation, and those who wish can register for a two-day hackathon HERE – without an entrance fee. At the event, attendees can build relationships with big companies such as Antavo, SEON, WISE, Formlabs or SAP. the most popular international meeting places for creative IT developers. One of the secrets to success is that while applicants have a tough 48 hours to demonstrate their great development skills, it’s not enough: to win, you need great ideas that can not only be brought to life, but also solve the problems that excite the people of our time, give an answer. Hosted by CraftHub, a subsidiary of Prezi and IBM Budapest Lab, JunctionX Budapest once again welcomes candidates in a hybrid format, and while in-person participation offers participants a distinct social experience, it’s also worth joining online. And this year’s hackathon venue will be provided by none other than The Spot, in the heart of Budapest on Kiraly Street.


Take care, prepare, develop: from idea to implementation

In the fall of 2021, more than 200 professionals contributed to the success of JunctionX Budapest by implementing about 30 projects, and this year the organizers will do just as much. Coders with an innovative approach can enter the competition either as a team or as an individual until October 19, and CraftHub cannot stress enough that master-level technical knowledge is not only not a basic requirement, but in many cases less more important than creative problem solving. “While we are of course looking for developments that will prove themselves in practice, we especially look forward to applications from start-up entrepreneurs and even university students, because for some problems, an innovative spirit, an innovative approach and a business approach really matter. In addition, this year for the first time as part of the preparation, we will also hold a training day on October 14,” says Karoly Varga, one of the founders and managing directors of the organizer CraftHub.

After the opening on October 21, participants will be able to experience the challenges that corporate partners will bring and get the gears going right away: startups have only 48 hours from the moment an idea is born to come up with a catchy presentation video. and the source code of their solution. Therefore, technologies must be successfully and attractively combined with innovative ideas, and all this must be convincingly demonstrated to the expert jury. Of course, contestants are not left alone with all this, if they get stuck, they can seek help from participating mentors anywhere in JunctionX Budapest.

Corporate Partners joining JunctionX Budapest programs – this year, for example, the winners of the challenges brought by Antavo and Wise will receive between 1500 and 2000 euros each and they will also have the opportunity in addition to the professional jury, they will also present their outstanding ideas to all participants so that they can take home the prize audience award of 500 euros and the main prize of 3,000 euros. In addition, of course, they may arouse the interest not only of sponsoring partners, but also of the wider professional community, which may mean a “green light” for the actual implementation of the solutions presented at the competition. Therefore, it is definitely worth considering the entry, especially since the Hungarian gray matter regularly shows excellent results at JunctionX events, has created an internal communication application to support its workplaces, which helps to form a flexible and inclusive corporate culture. And our overall winner last year came up with a solution to today’s globalization: using the app, travelers can easily evaluate local prices, find the best deals, and easily get the product they want. is developed around JunctionX Budapest and we are very excited to welcome more and more new members,” adds Karoly Varga.

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