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Amit Shah in a BJP interview


Uddhav Thackeray has betrayed the BJP and must be “taught”, union home minister BJP chief strategist Amit Shah said at a meeting of party leaders in Mumbai today. We can tolerate anything in politics The sources quoted Shah as saying at the meeting.

Sources said that Shah was accused former Maharashtra Chief Minister of Universe responsible for cleavage in for him party and what comes next events. Mr. Shah said his “greed” was reason Division of for him party turned against him, brushing off Which BJP hand in The rebellion By Eknath Shinde and subsequent overthrow of Maha Vikas Agadi government Chaired by Mr. Thackeray.

Mr. Shah said that Udhav Thackeray not only betrayed the BJP, but also betrayed also “Khan ideological and also insulted the state of The people of Maharashtra”.

for him party shrinking today due to of his greed for power, not the BJP, sources quoted him as saying. “today I’m want to say again That we are never Uddhav Thackeray anymore post of Chief Minister. we people who practice politics publicly no in Closed rooms,” emphasized Mr. Shah.

those who cheat in politics must punishedMr. Shah Kan added. This, he had addedcan be achieved through “mission 150” for Upcoming civil elections in Mumbai.

Brihanmumbai Corporation is the richest civilian in the country body Which the BJP was trying to control for long.

“Under the supervision of of Narendra Modi, the target of BJP and real Shiv Sina Alliance should have to win 150 seats in BNC Elections. The public he is with BJP led by Modi J. no with Udhav Thackeray party who betrays ideology.


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