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Amit Shah comes and sees and cancels; Basavaraj Bommai takes another breath

Shah arrived in Bengaluru on Monday evening, amid speculation that this might eventually happen lead to change of Chief Minister And the Cabinet, which has been predicted for Long.

The senior The BJP leader was scheduled to attend a lunch hosted by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai for BJP ministers, MLAs and MPs at his residence, chairing separate meetings of BJP State Basic Committee, party staff and various party units.

Meetings were to be spelled out Strategies for 2023 Assembly elections refer to possible changes in government. But after lunch at Bommai’s official Accommodation and meetings with The party The units were abruptly canceled.

BJP sources said the cancellation indicates that no consensus can be reached on Driving change in Karnataka. Many BJP leaders, including former CM B.S. Yediyurappa, party Country in- Official Arun Singh and Head of State Nalin Kumar Katell mentioned the occasion on Tuesday that there will be no change of CM in Karnataka. yurirapa added There may be changes in Cabinet though the state in some days.

Days ago, there was speculation – also Feeding from within the ranks of the BJP – that the BJP will go in for a complete they change of Council of Ministers in Karnataka, like did in Gujarat.

on Saturday, senior Leader and organizer of the BJP secretary BL Santhosh said a party meeting that the BJP has the strength to implement”big changes in party And government ‘, seen as a suggestion that Bommai and his government were. on they way out.

But on Monday, Yediyurappa said that Bommai, who He thinks he was handpicked to be his successor, and he did good Job CM. On Tuesday, he said the words of Bommai’s replacement was “mostly rumours”. My feeling is that Amit Shah has come on the visit with Some decisions in mind _ mind. I feel so changes will be carried out in Council of Ministers in two or three days” former CM She said.

“These are hypothetical questions, there is no answer,” said Arun Singh. on the question of changing of CM. He reiterated that “Basavaraj Bommai is common man working for The poor and farmers under the premiership.”

Little Cattell said people create the illusion that CM can be changed.

BJP government in The country has been exposed to a lot of the pressure in The past a few weeks on the account of A large number of Corruption charges against Albomai government, and the perception that it is ineffective. Division of party leaders of The view That Bommai’s persistence became untenable.

However, Tuesday’s developments are an indication that the BJP lacks viable alternatives to replace Bommai. The party you may choose for status quo until next Opinion polls, some leaders said.


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