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Amit Shah, BJP Chairman Holding Key to Action Plan 2024 Meets Central Ministers

BJP meets: strategy on Each seat will be seated on Their information sources are at ground level.

New Delhi:

BJP drawing started up road map for 2024 general Elections amid frantic activity in opposition camp. huge encounter of Senior leaders detained at BJP headquarters in Delhi today – target was 144 seats in party miss in 2019 by narrow margins. Sources said that party Hopefully it will be a proper basis on These seats will help increase their numbers in The next election.

“We should we should win more seats from last the time … last time, in 2019 we won 30 percent of Seats lost in 2014… In 2024, we have to win 50 percent of Seats lost in The sources quoted Amit Shah as saying 2019 “.

Mr. Shah, who called the organization the Supreme, said, “If the organization exists, we are there, and if the organization exists, government Is there”.

It was BJP won 303 of 543 Seats Lok Sabha in 2019 – first time in Contracts party got the majority on queen. But more of 100 seats won by the opposition, of which was obtained by Congress maximum – 53 seats.

The sources said party JP Nada Chairman and Chief Strategist Amit Shah, who He led the meeting, each has been assigned of The ministers present with concentration on Three to four seats.

Over the last After a few months, the ministers made multiple visits to the constituencies, codified the ground and gave their observations. The sources said that the ministers were asked to submit their comments in a file portal It is called “Saral” where one must fill in in The most accurate details, including beneficiaries for social charts.

Ministers also need to write status of government charts in circles – how Many schemes of Center government State governments are followed.

The strategy on Each seat will be seated on The sources said their information is at ground level, and this includes details for State polls too.

was the ministers also asked that help Strengthen party Organizing at the grassroots level. This and other reactions will help The party To invent a booth suitable for strengthening strategy, sources said.

today session was supposed to review All the information collected, sources said.

Pay BJP for falls in the year 2024 with A lot of work in Bihar opposition camp Chief Minister Nitish Kumar came to Delhi for cleaning up his contacts with leaders of Congress and other parties.

he has already met Congressman Rahul Gandhi, Samajwadi Party Chairman Akhilesh Yadav and Left Leaders. he is also Scheduled to meet with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, and Shraddhawar of the National Congress Party.

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