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Amin Lauar: a student in prison for 38 years for ‘random’stabbing murder in north London | UK news

BUT student was imprisoned for life for stabbing a person death and injuring two others during the “random fun” of knife attacks in London.

Amin Lauar was told that he would serve at least 38 years. in prison for in murder of Leon Street in January last year.

21-year-old was also concurrent sentences for two more attacks on Strangers in in space of six days.

Mr Street left his home go to shops in Nisden, north London, around 9:30 p.m., when he was stabbed several times, was heard at the Old Bailey.

48-year-old, who was a partner and children received five stab wounds to the chest, as well as wounds to the arms and legs.

Despite medical efforts to save his life, former Delivery driver was announced dead an hour later.

Leon Street was stabbed death in a ‘random’ knife attack

In sentencing Lauar, Judge Martin Picton said: “Your attack on Mr. Street was cruel and ruthless.

“Even a passing motorist honking his horn couldn’t distract you from the action. of repeatedly stabbing your victim.”

minutes before attack on Mr Street, another man was stabbed just 150 meters away. on Neasden Lane North.

21-year- the old defendant ran up behind Mirweis Khan and stabbed him with a knife. in in the back penetrating his lung.

Mr Khan is “very lucky” to have survived the trial.

‘Highly lucky’survive

A third man, Mitul Karania, was stabbed. six days later on January 17 last year.

Mr. Karania who gone out to buy breakfast and passed by the same place where Mr. Khan was attacked. also stabbed in in back the court heard.

He was also “very lucky”to survive broken ribs and punctured lungs.

The prosecutor, Bill Emlyn Jones QC, said: “In each case, the victim appears to have been chosen in full random.

“The victims are not know each and they weren’t related to each other in Any way.”

He added: “The only thing they seem to have had in common that they were walking along the same stretch of Neasden Lane North at the same time they were attacked.”

Lauar, who lived nearby, denied killing Mr. Street, injuring Mr. Khan with intent and attempt murder of Mr Carania.

He was identified by DNA, but, giving evidence, the defendant claimed that he was set up. real the killer and the prosecution had wrong human.

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