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Amid the rise in Covid cases, the center consulted these seven countries

Countries have been seriously advised follow The fivefold strategy of covid containment

New Delhi:

middle rise in Corona virus infection in some parts of central country government Delhi and . asked six States ensure Conduct adequate testing, promote Covid-appropriate behavior and increase pace of Vaccination to contain the mutation.

In a message to Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Telangana, Federal Health Minister Rajesh Bhushan said the upcoming festivals and mass gatherings in different parts of The country may facilitate the transmission of infection of Infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

that it critical to me ensure Take a proper test in all counties of State while maintaining the recommended share of RT-PCR and antigen tests. The state must also Monitor county reports closely higher Cases, positivity rates and clusters to prevent further spread of Stressed infection and effective case management in The letter is dated August 5.

In his message to Delhi, Bhushan said national Capital is on average high daily new Case (811 cases) for The past Month with High of 2.202 new Cases have been reported on August 5.

Delhi contributed 8.2 percent of Indian Weekly new cases in Week ending August 5 also recorded 1.86 times a plus in daily rate new Cases of 802 in Week ending July 29 to 1492 in in The week ending August 5.

a plus in Weekly Positive rate I was also mentioned in Delhi – from 5.90 per cent in The week ending July 29 recorded 9.86 percent in The week ending August 5.

Bhushan said Kerala had recorded an average of 2,347 cases per day in The past month and Maharashtra 2,135 cases. he is also Wisdom spread of infection.

Request from countries ensure Effective compliance of revised monitoring strategy for COVID-19 shared by Union Ministry of Health and family care.

“in view of some changes in Symptoms and clinical manifestations of disease, it is critical for district-wide influenza surveillance and reporting.like Influenza Suspicion Cases (ILI) and SARI in All health facilities as directed, on a regular Basis for Early detection warning Signals of Spread of infection. This will enable us To take preventive action if required in which areas of Worry “.

Confirmation of genome sequencing of Described samples of international Passengers as well as collection of samples of sentinel Locations and local block of new Equally important, Buchan said, COVID-19 cases should be dispatched immediately by states and union Areas to the designated laboratory of INSACOG network for Genome sequencing.

Renewed attention must be given for a guarantee of Covid-appropriate behavior in crowded places like Markets, interstate bus stops, schools and colleges, railway stations, etc.”

“States should aiming to increase pace of vaccination for all qualified population and speed up management of Free precautionary doses for 18+ eligible population At all government COVID vaccination centers (CVCs) under the “COVID Vaccine Amrit Mahutsav” until September 30th.

Countries have been seriously advised follow The fivefold strategy of test-a path-treat Vaccination and adherence to appropriate behavior for Covid inside community.

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