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America’s superpower status depends on protecting the following 5 technologies

Michael Orlando, acting director of the National Center for Countering and Security, says the theft of U.S. technology abroad could jeopardize the country’s ability to remain active in the technology industry. To prevent such an incident, the counter-espionage campaign will run an information campaign to inform businesses and academia about China and Russia’s extensive efforts to gather high-tech research, the Wall Street Journal recently reported.

The five key technologies identified artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, life sciences, quantum computing, and semiconductors. Officials say America’s rivals are trying to steal all of them legally and illegally, which could hamper future economic growth and military dominance.

If the U.S. loses power, “it could be serious,” he said. Orlando, adding, “We need to focus on these industries because we can’t afford to lose them.” According to the NCSC (National Cyber ​​Security Center), “these sectors are producing technologies that could determine whether America will remain the world’s leading superpower in the coming years or be overshadowed by strategic competitors.”

As part of their new priorities, counter-espionage will engage more aggressively with industry and universities to educate them about the dangers of business agreements with individual foreign governments for the country, the CNBC noted. “People have a hard time understanding the big picture and how the legal and the illegal come together,” Orlando told the IB Times.

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