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America's nuclear weapons supplier was attacked with a blackmail virus

In recent times, it has become relatively common for larger companies to be affected by ransomware, a so-called blackmail virus attack. According to a May statement, companies could be hurting enormous material damage if they are unprepared for this type of virus. The essence of ransomware is that attackers encrypt the victim’s own data, access to which is only given back after a ransom has been paid.

In May this year, for example, a U.S. insurer was forced to pay nearly $ 40 million to the Phoenix hacking team because unfortunately no other solution was found.

A similarly high-profile company was recently found by the REvil ransomware team, whose members boasted a successful attack on a related dark web website. According to information from Bleeping Computer , hackers had access to the payment data of Sol Oriens employees and the social security number (or Social Security Number, or SSN) of several employees.

Sol Oriens is a manufacturer of nuclear weapons and defense equipment, and is a key partner of the US Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. REvil threatens to release the data to competing companies

Sol Oriens management confirmed at the end of May that a data leak had occurred due to a cyber attack, but no further details of the extortion virus attack have been provided so far.

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