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Amazon, Google and Microsoft join forces for new principles of clouds

The initiative of the three technology giants aims to set out basic commitments and protections for companies that store and process data in the cloud. Leading companies in the cloud industry have agreed with other companies and organizations on a set of principles related to customer data and government regulations.

“With this initiative, we are committed to working with governments to ensure the free flow of data, to promote public security and protect privacy and data security in the cloud, “Microsoft wrote in a post on LinkedIn about the new initiative, called Trusted Cloud Principles.

The group outlined some key principles. With narrow exceptions, among others, governments must first involve customers, customers have the right to be notified, cloud providers have the right to protect customers’ interests, and governments must deal with legal conflicts and support cross-border data flows

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The initiative was launched when companies and government regulators are considering how to deal with a range of cloud computing issues, from where the data is stored to when the information can be passed on to law enforcement.

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