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“Always Forget You Are Still Alive”: Elon Musk upset with Bernie Sanders

US Senator Bernie Sanders at one of his appearances. (Source: Sanders on Twitter)

On Saturday, Free Congressman Bernie Sanders, who works with the Democrats, tweeted that “we must demand that the extremely rich pay their fair share ”. Elon Musk reacted confrontationally to this on Sunday.

Bad joke about Sanders’ age

“I keep forgetting that you are still alive,” commented the Tesla and SpaceX boss on the politician’s tweet. And added an hour later: “Do you want me to sell more shares, Bernie? Just say it! “

Sanders has not yet responded to Musk. Since then he has preferred to take care of what, in his opinion, are overpaid top management in the pharmaceutical industry via Twitter and opposed Republican efforts to curtail racism and LGBTQ issues in educational literature. Musk also seems to want to let the argument rest.

Is amused one who remains uninvolved in this dispute – Edward Snowden:

Musk sold Shares, Tesla loses 15 percent

Last week, Musk had sold nearly $ 7 billion worth of Tesla shares. As a result, the automaker’s shares had fallen by about 15 percent. Musk’s stock sales began after November 7th, when he let his 62.5 million followers decide whether to sell stocks. In the aftermath, however, doubts about the credibility of the survey were raised.

Not mentioned Musk had that he had millions of stock options that must be exercised before they expire in August 2022. In September he announced that he would likely exercise “a large block” of these options towards the end of 2021. In October, he announced that Tesla would be moving its headquarters from California to Austin, Texas, a state that does not levy income tax.

Bernie Sanders chairs the Senate Budget Committee. He has long campaigned for the rich to pay more taxes. He likes to fall back on very concise rhetoric. Sanders had already tweeted in March that the fortunes accumulated by Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos were “immoral”.

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