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Allegedly, a Tamil Nadu student killed his classmate for body defamation

The accused allegedly stabbed the victim using Knife and sickle. (representative)


class 12 student in Allegedly Tamil Nadu killed his classmate for body shame on Saturday.

Tamil Nadu police said the victim called his friend “My Girls”. Despite the accused student’s objections and calls to stop, his friend continued to harass him over His eyes and calm demeanor.

Then the accused called the victim for a party He allegedly stabbed him several times times on highway in Kallakurichi district, where their school is located, using A machete and a knife.

In confirmation of this, a senior A police officer told NDTV, “We have registered a case of murder And they sent the accused minor boy to observation home. The investigation is underway.”

alleged murder By minor concern experts.

Dr Sarania Jaikumar, State Committee Member for protection of Child Rights, she said: “Physical shame leads to anxiety and depression and causes body decomposing disorder. Many timesIt reflects extreme anger or depression.”

Tamil Nadu is booming in student Behavioral issues, including targeting of Teachers, smoking, alcoholism, and inappropriate behavior in layers.

While experts blame it on lack of social Interaction in the middle of a pandemic, this murder by student over body Shame him triggered a new worry.

while the state government Has stepped up up student The Minister of School Education, Anbel Mahesh Boyamuzzi, said that these who Schools will be refused limits with opposite notes on their transfer certificates.


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