Home CryptoCurrency Alleged “official delegation” of Bitcoin met with authorities of El Salvador

Alleged “official delegation” of Bitcoin met with authorities of El Salvador

Alleged “official delegation” of Bitcoin met with authorities of El Salvador

A group of businessmen who call themselves “ambassadors” of bitcoin, held a meeting with several members of the Government of El Salvador, led by the ambassador of that country to the United States, Milena Mayorga.

Among the investors was, Brock Pierce linked to various cryptocurrency-based projects such as Tether (USDT), EOS and the questioned Bitcoin Foundation.

“It is a great honor to lead this official delegation of Bitcoin ambassadors in El Salvador to educate the government on how Bitcoin, blockchain and technology can create a brighter future for everyone in their nation,” Pierce said on his Twitter account .

After the entry into force of the law that recognizes bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, there are several people and companies belonging to the Bitcoin ecosystem who have shown their interest to invest and have visited the Central American nation in recent days.

One of them is the famous bitcoin influencer, Peter McCormack who held a meeting with the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele or the CEO of the Paxful exchange, Ray Youssef .

However, the opening of the Central American country towards bitcoin, could also attract some cryptocurrency entrepreneurs with a cloudy past .

Such is the case of the Bitcoin Foundation , CriptoNoticias reported in 2019, how its creation was full of controversy. Among these controversies, it can be mentioned that the former vice president of the organization, Mark Shrem was arrested in 2014, for alleged conspiracy in the laundering of a million dollars in bitcoins. In 2015, a member of the board of directors announced that the foundation was insolvent and there is no news that this has changed.

Pierce became part of the Block.one team, a company with which he organized the ICO of the cryptocurrency EOS, where he was director of strategy and along with other executives faced a lawsuit for fraud. The plaintiffs alleged that the ICO promoters artificially inflated the price of the cryptocurrency.

The investor was also in the race for the presidency of the United States, in the last elections, although it obtained very few votes.

Pierce assured that the “official delegation” of bitcoin will contribute to create a “bright future” for El Salvador. Source: Twitter.

Twitter was the scene of protests that Many advocates of the leading cryptocurrency , chose Pierce and the rest of investors who assumed themselves to be Bitcoin “ambassadors” to criticize.

One of them was the CEO of Blockstream, Samson Mow who called out the world leaders . «There is no official delegation for Bitcoin. Anyone who contacts you or your ambassadors to receive such a delegation is a scammer. ”

Former Bitrefill CEO John Carvalho also stated that Pierce was at El Salvador as an “infiltrator” who wants to “inject shitcoins” into the initiative of that country. “Nayib Bukele, you cannot trust the shitcoiners, they have their own agenda,” he added.

Similarly, the co-founder of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, Franco Amati rejected Pierce’s presence in El Salvador. “Please stand down, we don’t want you to bother us with your failed foundation.”

It is important to note that Bitcoin has no representatives, ambassadors or spokespersons in the world, since it was created as a decentralized network, that is, it belongs to the bitcoin community. In fact, its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared so that his presence would not hinder the growth of the cryptocurrency.

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