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Alleged bias in Hunter Biden investigation ‘deeply troubling’: FBI director Ray

Claims covered up by biased FBI agents first son Hunter Biden of criminal investigations are “deeply troubling,” FBI Director Christopher Wray was forced to admit on Thursday under questioning by Republican senators — before cutting short questions and answers, stating that he needs catch flight.

Best Republican on Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) noted that Ray did not fly commercially and cited in vain for FBI chief reschedule flight of his government jet.

But before leaving, Ray was pressured by Senator John F. Kennedy (R-Louisiana) over the whistleblower claims. against Tim Thiebaud, Assistant special agent in accusation of DC field FBI office and FBI oversight intelligence analyst Brian Outen.

Kennedy confronted Ray with accusations against two FBI officers exposed by Grassley last month.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee at Hart’s Senate Office Building. on Capitol Hill, August 4, 2022
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“Is not it true that Mr. Thibaut is Thibaut’s agent, forgive me – and [Auten] coated up derogatory information about Mr. Hunter Biden at work for FBI? Kennedy asked Ray directly on Thursday.

“I want be very careful not to interfere with continuous personnel matters,” Ray replied. “I should say that when I read a letter that describes the species of the things you talk about i found it’s deeply disturbing.”

Image of Hunter Biden from his laptop.
Ray questioned about alleged bias in agent investigation of Hunter Biden.

Kennedy also quoted by Ray set of thibault social media spines against Republicans who resembled attacks against the Republican Party by FBI officers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page during a bureau investigation of possible Russian collusion with Presidency of Donald Trump in 2016 campaign.

A July letter to Grassley Ray stated that Autin and Thiebaud were allegedly involved in “scheme” to “undermine the pejorative information associated with Hunter Biden, falsely suggesting it was disinformation.”

Auten “discovered an estimate that was being used by FBI Headquarters (“FBI Headquarters”). team improperly discredit the negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation and caused stop investigative activities, ”Grassley wrote.

“[V]confirmed and verifiable pejorative information on Hunter Biden has been falsely labeled as a disinformer,” Grassley wrote, citing unnamed whistleblowers.

Thibaut, meanwhile, allegedly tried kill off valid prospectus of the study of possible Hunter Biden Crime.

Senator John F. Kennedy pauses for reporters like senators rush to the House for votes    forthcoming of upcoming Memorial Day break at the Capitol
Republican Senator John F. Kennedy questioned Ray during a hearing at the Capitol on Thursday.

“In October 2020, the avenue of additional derogatory reporting on Hunter Biden was ordered to be shut down direction of Asak Thibault… [when] all of reporting was either audited or verifiable via criminal search warrants,” Grassley wrote.

“Thibaut allegedly ordered the case to be closed without providing a valid reason as required according to the FBI… [and] subsequently attempted to incorrectly mark the case in FBI systems so it can’t be opened in in future”.

Kennedy on Thursday quoted some of thibault social media messages and asked the FBI director”You know how it looks like an american people?

“I will tell you that what you are describing is not representative. of FBI… where I see patriots working with their tails off with amazing honesty and objectivity,” Ray said.

Kennedy asked Ray confirm was Thibaut involved in ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden for possible tax fraud, unregistered foreign lobbying and money laundering – but Ray wouldn’t directly reply.

“He or he work on FBI investigation of Mr Hunter Biden? Kennedy asked.

– The investigation you are talking about will be – and I need be a little careful, because we are talking about an ongoing investigation – this is run out of our field in Baltimore office working with Delaware U.S. Attorney who is a holdover from the previous administration,” Ray tried to evade.

Senator Chuck Grassley listens as panel hears from officials of election commissions and officials of the Ministry of Justice about rise in    threats against elected leaders and candidates in the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Letter from Senator Chuck Grassley to Ray last the month relating to the behavior of FBI agents was discussed at Thursday’s hearing.

Kennedy signed up up”So I’m confused, Chris, with Your Answer. He work or he work on Hunter Biden investigation?

Ray again evaded a direct answer, stating, “As I said, the Hunter Biden investigation run out of Baltimore field office”.

supposed social media activity included retweet of a Lincoln Project post calling Donald Trump “a mentally broken, embittered and deeply unhappy man” and a tweet saying he wanted to “give Kentucky to the Russian Federation”.

Hunter Biden just wrote a check to the IRS for about 2 million dollars in recognition that he failed pay taxes on unexpected luck of foreign income. The funds were reportedly provided by Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, but it is not clear what conditions are attached to this and the payment does not preclude prosecution.

first sonx overseas deals attracted considerable attention year when the Washington Post and the New York Times in March belatedly verified documents from former Hunter Biden laptop These were first reports The Post in October 2020.

Hunter Biden steps down after President Joe Biden is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom under 17 people during the ceremony in east room of White House in July.
Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden was discussed in a Senate court hearing on Thursday.

Joe Biden’s involvement in his sonx business deals tend to be murky and they continue to cause conflicts of interest for the president.

Letters from Hunter Biden laptop indicate that his father, then vice president, attended a D.C. dinner in 2015. with a group of his sons from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. Pictured is Joe Biden posing with Kazakh group as well as one The day after dinner, Vadym Pozharsky, chief executive of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, wrote to the then second son thank him for opportunity to meet your father. Hunter Biden earned reported $1 million for year serve on Burisma board while his father led the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.

Russian billionaire Elena Baturina, alleged participant of dinner 2015 and the widow of a former mayor of Moscow, no faced USA approves it year in answer to invasion of Ukraine, despite Biden sanctioning many other members of Russian elite.

Joe Biden allegedly involved in China with his son deal with CEFC China Energy, which according to The Washington Post paid Hunter Biden and his uncle Jim Biden $4.8 million. in 2017 and 2018. Former Hunter Biden. business partner Tony Bobulinski says what did he say with Joe Biden in May 2017 about the deal and email dated May 13, 2017 says what “big guy” would get 10 percent block of shares in legal entity established with SEFC. Bobulinski claims that the president was “big guy.”

Also in China, Hunter Biden co-founded an investment firm called BHR Partners. in 2013 less than two weeks after the flight with his father to Beijing aboard Air Force Two. Hunter introduced Joe Biden to BHR CEO Jonathan Lee. in lobby of hotel in capital of china. The fund is controlled in part of government agencies. Hunter Biden’s attorney Chris Clark said it was less than a week after President Biden’s November summit. with Chinese President Xi Jinping said that first son sold his 10% stake in BHR Partners, but Hunter Biden and the White House did not provide any further details and online business records show that Hunter Biden still owns a 10% stake.

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