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All the news and adjustments in Pokémon Unite version fighters

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All the news and adjustments in Pokémon Unite version fighters

After the release of the version of mobiles, news with a new trailer and more along with a message with the arrival of Spanish and other information, in addition to adjustments in several playable characters, now we have news for Pokémon Unite .

In this case, we have been able to more details about Halloween events. They include

Greedent as a new character and new Holoatits, and now the full list of character adjustments and more has been confirmed.

You have it in full below for its premiere, scheduled for tomorrow October 20:

  • New mode: Halloween Night in Mer Stadium. Replace Battle Items with pumpkins that can be thrown at opponents
  • New music in the lobby
  • Changes in these Pokémon:
Movement / Skill


Thunder More damage 2947
Volt Tackle More damage 1015
Amnesia Less recharging time 13 seconds
Amnesia Earn more PS
Status After level 5, when you deal special damage, you will regain your health based on the damage dealt.
Hydro Pump Less damage 799 po r hit (1320 in Rapid Spin)
2397 maximum
Water Spout Less recharging time 9 seconds
Hydro TyphoonLess hurt 338
Giga drain Earn less PS
Solar Beam More damage 7790 (Max)
AttackIs reduced this statistic 440
Steadfast Less activation frequency
Aura Cannon Fixed a bug that increased damage after using Power-Up Punch
Basic Attack More Attack Speed ​​ 2947
Dragon Rush More damage 549
Wild Charge + Fixed a bug that increased damage after hitting multiple Pokémon
Dive Fixed a bug that caused a display problem.
Gale WingsI know fixes a bug that caused Gale Wings to not activate after a KO
Zapdos (Remoat Stadium)
Energy Reduction The energy gained after a KO is reduced 30

Drednaw (Remoat Stadium)

Shield Reduction The shield obtained after a KO is reduced
Shield ReductionIs reduced the experience gained after a KO Rotom (Remoat Stadium)
Stats Increases movement speed, HP, and attack while targeting a goal.
Goal Increases the time the goal area is broken after Rotom active.

We remind you that Pokémon Unite is a team-fighting strategy game developed by Tencent Games’ The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios. It is a free download game with cross-platform connection function for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

In this title, players face each other in battles for 5v5 team. During the game, players will have to cooperate with their teammates to catch wild Pokémon, level up, evolve and defeat their opponents, while trying to score more points than the opposing team within the time limit .

What do you think? You can find our full coverage of the game, including news and guides about it, at this link.


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