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‘All our community wiped off out’: Low-income Americans probably hit hardest hit by Hurricane Yang | Hurricane Yan

Connie Irvine, 82, and her partner Cheryl Lange cost of Hurricane Yan swept through Florida with destructive force. clear. “All our community wiped off outIrwin said.

The couple lost their mobile home on Sanibel Island off west coast of the state and are currently homeless, left in motel 35 miles from Naples, Florida, which currently has no electricity.

“It was very difficult. me now know what is this like be homeless and not have simple things like the presence of a bathroom. We lucky in that we are alive. A lot of of people on Sanibel and down in Fort Myers that died, and where I’m staying, there are many. of homeless people Now, Irvine added.

Damage done by Yang on Florida was huge. monster storm made landfall near the state in Fort Myers/Naples areathen passed up and to the east of state, pastures of St. Augustine and Jacksonville area before restoring hurricane strength and heading for South Carolina.

At least 21 deaths confirmed. in Florida, with this number is expected rise as emergency teams continue to respond to affected areas, and the degree of the damage is still being assessed, with expected multi-year recovery forthcoming.

For Irwin and Lange it is recovery looks hard – as it is for many low-income Floridians, who often hit hardest of all because of the terrible losses that natural disasters can cause.

They didn’t have insurance because of this is a high cost since both rely on social safety for their income. Irwin is still engaged in carpentry. work for extra money though she didn’t sure if her tools made it’s through a hurricane. They managed to evacuate with their dog Charlie and some stuff on the Tuesday night before the storm hit and they spent the night a few miles offshore in drive-in garage out storm.

because of power outages, open businesses only accept cash and maintaining contact with relatives were difficult. Irwin and Lange are retired teachers, and Irwin served in Coast security for more than nine years. They hope they can go back to where they are. home was soon so they can save what they can. But the only bridge to Sanibel Island was destroyed in a hurricane making rescue difficult, and a barrier island only accessible by boat or helicopter.

“Grandosity of is not hit me until today,” Irwin said. “All we can do is save some things like photo albums.

A lot others in the same harsh conditions.

Duane Parks of Lakeland, Florida, and his girlfriend were hit hard by the hurricane. home, with flood through house of about a foot of water and damage their roof. Now they’re trying to get a loan in to cover the $500 deductible their insurance requires before they can file a claim and they still don’t have power.

“We weren’t ready, we didn’t think it would happen. hit here,” Parks said. “We had to ride it out. He tore everything off on roof, flooded house. This house her pride and joy, she is devastated.”

Family members begged on social media for help in receiving in contact with loved ones they couldn’t reach in areas with power shutdowns.

Heather Marie Lives in California and struggled to connect with her elderly father, Jesse Fortan, in St. James, Florida. She lost contact with him like him house there was a flood and he lost power and cellular communication services. He has medical problems and she is trying to send him to California.

“I don’t sure of details about nothing. He was supposed to be checked in the morning, but I didn’t hear anything,” she said. “This is true hard for me to do something from california. It was terrible. He’s all alone there.

GoFundMe Campaigns Begin on on behalf of of people who lost their homes, apartments, cars and almost all of their personal belongings. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) launched website for persons to apply for disaster relief, and the Small Business Administration launched website for businesses, homeowners, tenants and nonprofits in approved Florida counties to apply for individual help.

Fema has also requested people wanting to volunteer to do so through VolunteerFlorida.org rather than self-deploy to affected areas.

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