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All languages ​​of the world will be easy to speak Google AI translator

Large companies compete with each other based on how efficient their translation services are. The most popular is Google Translate, but the best is Facebook’s artificial intelligence-based translator, which “speaks” two hundred languages ​​and promises unparalleled accuracy even in rare languages ​​and dialects.

Google is now upping the ante:

plans a service that knows a thousand languages, is also based on AI, learns the structures of different languages ​​and moves between them .

I don’t know exactly how it will end; the pilot project is still in its infancy, and if anything comes of it, the translation itself will no doubt be only part of the possibilities. Zubin Gahramani, Google’s associate director of AI research, told Verge that the project, called the 1000 Languages ​​Initiative, will form a large system that will see almost every existing language, its variants and dialects. The basic structures of languages ​​are basically similar, one follows from the other, they live literally, so it is more expedient to consider them as a whole than to teach AI separately.

The biggest problem is to find the right amount and quality of the linguistic corpus (written texts, audio recordings) so that the algorithms can clarify something in their knowledge. They have yet to see what the end result will be, the best translation software available and accurate, AI-driven subtitles on YouTube, but according to the expert, robots will be able to write code from human instructions, and the system will even be able to solve mathematical dilemmas, this maybe good.

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