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All blades from the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer will be completely recyclable

No energy source is completely clean. Batteries require the mining of rare earth minerals and accumulate in landfills, biomass power plants require agricultural products, etc.

However, the world’s largest turbine manufacturer ensures that at least wind energy produces as few by-products as possible. , and calls for the creation of 100% recyclable wind turbine blades.

The Danish wind turbine market has an 18% share of the Danish company Vestas, the first company in the industry to commit to the production of fully recyclable blades.

The blades of giant wind turbines are glass and carbon fiber structures in which the binder is epoxy resin. These materials cannot normally be separated once they have been combined, which means that they end up in a landfill when they are too worn out to operate safely.

Vestas is aware that the global wind energy market it grows by about 3 percent a year, sees an emerging problem, and strives to prevent it. The company plans to solve the problem of recyclability over the next 20 years until it reaches waste-free mode by 2040.

According to a Reuters report, Vestas has introduced a new chemical technology that uses epoxy resin separates it from the glass and carbon fibers, and epoxy can also become its constituents. According to the company, each of the components will again be used to make new turbine blades.

Typically, a wind turbine will last for about 20 to 25 years when it can be ordered to be dismantled or fitted with new components. 75 percent of the waste generated during decommissioning typically comes from shovels. Vestas wants to have half of the paddle material recyclable within a few years. Investing in technologies that make blades easier to recycle and increase recycling from year to year can play a key role in this

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