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Albuquerque welcomes Muslims. Then four of They were killed.

Indeed, the killings have stirred up an increasingly diverse city, where immigration, mainly from Mexico and other Latin American countries, is the main source of of population growth and an integral part of cityx history. Immigrants from the Middle East, including Muslims and Christians from Lebanon and Syria, down rates in Albuquerque and other parts of New Mexico in late 19th century.

city gradually saw new wave of Muslim immigrants in last decades, with many come to study at the university of New Mexico. BUT group of Muslim students gathered together in mid 1980s to form the Islamic Center of New Mexico, which was attended by the last three victims.

A lot of in in the citymuslim community come from Pakistan and Afghanistan, while others are from countries including India, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Sri Lanka. During the Trump administration, when anxiety grew over fanaticism directed against Muslims, officials passed legislation reaffirming Albuquerque’s status as “immigrant friendly.” city. He barred federal immigration agents from entering city-operated objects and city employees from obtaining immigration status information.

At least 300 Afghan refugees arrived in Albuquerque over in past yearsupporting growing community reflected today in at least eight different places of worship for Muslims. Albuquerque ramps up outreach with interpreters who speak Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Urdu and Pashto—languages ​​that officials prioritize in the last days of sharing information about the murders.

Although Muslims in United States faced violence and discrimination after 9/11 and during Donald Trump’s presidency campaign nature of attacks in Albuquerque – and a stubborn mystery of who is responsible – this is definitely confusing, – said Sumaya Wahid, – senior policy counsel in Muslim lawyers, civil rights group.

“I can not think of any incident like this,” she said.

Ms Wahid said she was concerned that the police in Albuquerque seems to made a possible connection between the attacks only after three Muslim men were killed.

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