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Al-Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri asks Muslims to unite over hijab controversy in India

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. in released a video on Tuesday, speak on The hijab controversy in India And they asked the Muslims in Indian subcontinent fight perceived assault on Islam “intellectually, using The media And the with arms on The battlefield”.

Al-Zawahiri’s reference to contemporary issue she has also He confirmed that he is alive, contrary to what is said about his death of natural causes in 2020. Although, even after unconfirmed reports of for him deathAl-Qaeda released several videos of Al-Zawahiri in everyone of He only spoke of historical conflicts and ideological issues that cast doubt on Whether the videos were filmed in in this time.

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In a video of about nine minutes, Al-Qaeda spokesman As-Sahab published it media on Tuesday, Al-Zawahiri showered his praises on Maskan KhanKarnataka student who raise slogans of God is Akbar after being harassed by a right-wing Hindu crowd chanting slogans of “Jai Shri Ram” in February. Al-Zawahiri said it was her “bold slogan”. of Zoom ‘because they defies’ the mob of Hindu polytheists ‘Encourage the Spirit’ of Jihad and awaken the Muslim again community.

the video, in factBegins with clip of Khan took on The mob was followed by Al-Zawahiri’s speech, which for the whole duration of The video is about just this is issue. “I have revealed reality Uncover the mask nature of The conflict between the chaste and pure Muslim Ummah and the blasphemous, polytheist and atheist. enemies facing… God reward her a lot for He imparted a practical lesson to Muslim sisters who suffer from an inferiority complex toward the decadent Western world. May Allah reward you reward she has for exposing reality of Hinduism and deception of “Its pagan democracy,” al-Zawahiri said.

He said Khan’s video inspired him to write a poem that he eventually recited of the video. Her magnification inspired me to write a few lines of Poetry, in despite of The fact I am not a poet. Please accept this dear sister gift of Al-Zawahiri said.

The Indian security establishment has taken development with Scale of they. “While media Affiliate ports with These groups continue to talk about Indian issues, and Al-Zawahiri devotes a lot of time on One issue he is development It cannot be ignored. He. She shows Al-Qaeda views India as a serious land for Recruitment and possibly directing its resources with more power for The same. Message of This kind of Zawahiri is likely to energize cadres and inspire those who harbor consciousness of persecution”, a senior A security establishment officer said.

In a message to Muslims in Al-Zawahiri said: The Indian subcontinent: We must stop deceiving mirage of Hindu democracy of India which begin withhas never been more From a tool to suppress Islam. We must realize that in this is real world There is no such thing as “human rights” or “respect” for Constitution “or law or other irrational speculative ideas.”

According to Al-Zawahiri, this was exactly the same scheme of The deception employed by the West against Muslims” true nature of Which France, the Netherlands and Switzerland revealed when they banned the veil with permission public Nudity.” “The enemies of Islam one And the same as those who fight the veil of Muslims in Egypt and the Maghreb are the same opportunistic thugs… writers, journalists and even rented turbans who Blame the veil and Islamic law. It’s war on Islam, the essence of its beliefs, its laws, morals and etiquette.”

Our Muslim Nation in Indian subcontinent, we have battle today is battle of awareness, a battle of The Distinguished Illusion of reality. We must understand that way out is by holding on Our Sharia, united as one nation, from China to the Islamic Maghreb, from the Caucasus to Somalia, a united nation waging a coordinated war across several fronts. We must gather around loyal scholars and fight Our war is ideological. intellectually… using The media… And the with arms on The battlefield against The enemies of Islam” added.

. said first step in this is direction He was raising awareness and revealing the facts. We must realize that governments imposed on usEspecially in Pakistan and Bangladesh, do not defend usRather, they are defending enemies You made it possible for them fight against us,” He said.

Al-Zawahiri also Praise ‘Free media” for circulate video of Maskan. “me call They have to reveal the injustice that is inflicting on them in their place, confront this injustice, and publish the facts related to the situation on He said.

The controversy over the headscarf has emerged prominently in Propaganda literature of Some global terror groups. Advertising outlets last month of Both the Islamic State and Al Qaeda had issue on their covers. IS .-related audio magazine of Hind carried a cover titled “Girls of companions ” on The issue. Previously, AQIS . had already talk about it in it’s a latest issue of Nawa-e-Ghazwa-e-Hind, an Urdu magazine brought out with it.

In previous videos, Al-Zawahiri focused a lot on Islam war against Western powers and India found Transient signals only. he has off And the on I talked about Kashmir but never in Detail or touch on any specific issue He mentioned no accident.

Al-Zawahiri last India video released in 2014 when it was announced squad of “Positioned of Strive or Struggle in Indian Sub-Continent “And he said it is a message that Al-Qaeda has not forgotten its Muslim brothers.” in India. He said the jihadists would break the border of He asked British India for Muslims in The Indian subcontinent unites.

After the 9/11 attacks, al-Zawahiri was too made Mentionsed of Kashmir asks Muslims fight He once warned Muslims in Pakistan, which was then President Pervez Musharraf, will hand them over over to the Hindus and flee the country.


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