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Al-Owaisi attacks the BJP on Uniform Civil Code, Cited power crisis, economy | India latest news

in the middle of growing support for Uniform Civil Code in States governed by the BJP, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Al Owais on Saturday insisted that the country does not require a one- One size fits all for people of different societies. “Country economy he is in Chaos, coal passenger trains are canceled, unemployment rising But you more concerned About Union Carbide Corporation, “52-year-old leader said. As the country handles a power Crisis due to increased electricity consumption and heat waves, some passenger trains were reportedly canceled this week to transport coal.

While the UCC proposal has faced Opposition criticism, many BJP leaders have been vocal in Support the idea. About a week ago, Vice President of Uttar Pradesh minister Keshav Prasad Moriah said the country is studying implementation of proposal or offer. in March , soon After forming of a new governmentchief of Uttarakhand minister Pushkar Dami, another BJP leader, was too set up Committee to consider implementation. in Himachal Pradesh which votes Later this yearpresident minister Jeram Thakur has taken a calculated approach into the future of Opinion polls say the state will analyze the idea.

But Owaisi from AIMIM, a government The critic, has expressed strong disapproval of the idea of one Law for all societies. “It (Uniform Civil Code) is not required in this country. As per Goa Civil Code, Hinduism men You have the right of second Marriage if the spouses do not have a male child according to age of 30. Goa has BJP government. “

Referring to Article 47 of Constitution, called for a ban on alcohol, while further adding that “everyone in The country is safe of Equal income under Article 38. “Ten percent of richer people in The country has a majority of Wealth. The Law Commission said that UCC is not required,” he is added.

Why is there no deduction for Hindu undivided family tax? for Muslims and Christians? Also, the constitution promises for protection of the culture of Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland… would that be removed? “

Saturday Chief of Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma joined BJP leaders in Pay for proposal or offer. “No Muslim woman wants it husband To bring home Three wives. Ask any Muslim woman. Union Carbide Corporation is not mine issueit’s for issue for every muslim women. If they will give justiceafter scrapping of Triple divorced, Union Carbide Corporation will have to be brought in.” news ANI Agency.

(with input from ANI)


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