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Al Gore compares climate deniers to Uvalde police who “we heard the shots and no one set foot forward’

“Climate deniers really in some ways are the same of those nearly 400 law enforcement officers in Uvalde, Texas who waited outside unlocked door during children were killed,” Gore said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “They heard the screams, they heard the shots, and no one stepped forward.”

“And God bless these families who have suffered so much. And law enforcement officers tell us it’s not typical of what law enforcement usually do. And faced with this is global emergency what are we doing with our inaction and inability walk through the door and stop the killing of what are we capable of of like human beings. We have solutions,” Gore said. added.

“Public sentiments are changing, but our democracy is broken and in order solve climate crisis, we will have to pay attention to the crisis of democracy,” he said.

“I salute (Biden) announcement this week to kick-start offshore wind power in USA”, former the vice president said, adding that Biden had taken other small steps reverse some of the damage to efforts to fight climate change from the Trump administration. “But he needs congressional action in to take the bold steps that are really needed.”

In a separate interview on Sunday, Gore told more specific action that he believes the executive could take without waiting for Congress, saying that the Environmental Protection Agency can take further action, Biden may stop approving more drilling on public land, and he could appoint new head of The World Bank.

On whether Biden is should listen to suggestions of climate activists are calling for it to be declared national Climate emergency, Gore told ABC’s “This Week”: “Well, mother nature It has already announced it global emergency and I will leave it to others to analyze the pros and cons of What is the result of declaring a state of emergency? lead to.”

He also said on Sunday that he like see more politicians make climate change central campaign platforms.

“Thanks for propose,” he told NBC’s Chuck Todd when asked if he would consider running for the president on climate agenda. “But you know, I’m a recovering politician and the longer I don’t have a relapse, the less likely one becomes.”

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