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Agnipath chart: data shows ancient warrior fail To find government jobs after retirement

Even when union ministers remove doubts over foreigners, characters show meager 2.4 percent of ex soldiers who applied for a government can get a job one As the center and countries unable to recruit against Reserved lots.

Public sector institutions (PSUs), ministries and officials of Sainik’s paintings blamed her on shortage of skill Among the ex-military. Veterans say inability to me qualify in selection exams one of Reasons for this is.

Also, not recognizing of Qualifications obtained from military These are the reasons why their recruitment remains significantly low, pushing them towards low-skill jobs.

as protests over Agnipath scheme rages across the country government she has announced Reservations in vacancies in sectors for About 34,000 “Agniveers” who He will retire after four years of Services.

However, the data from the Director General of Resettlement – Streptococcus body responsible for Rehabilitation of retirees military personnel – shows It states that, Central Primary Support Units, including Defense Primary Support Units, the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) failed to recruit against Reserved vacancies for ancient warrior.

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according to the circle of Provision of Personnel and Training (DoPT), 10 percent of vacancies in Center government Careers in Group C and 20% in Group D is reserved for ancient warrior. for public Sectoral Banks, Central public Reservations were 14.5 percent and 24.5 percent, respectively.

But as of June last yearThe former military accounted for only 1.15 percent of Group C strength and 0.3% of Group strength d in 94 of 170 central general support units.

Coal India, the Maharatna PSU, has blamed the shortage of Certifications Required Among Veterans one of the reasons for imperfection. did not fill any of 251 Group C and Group D posts are reserved for former military men.

“Recruit of Non-executives are mainly done for Legal positions where potential candidates hold certain competency certificates issued by the relevant authorities. Possession of legal certificates issued by the competent authority is a prerequisite for Application for Such jobs. However, ex-military personnel usually do not possess such certificates. This is the reason for lack of use”, spokesperson for CIL said, indicating that there is a file need To create awareness among the ex-military of acquire Such testimonials.

Image more depressed in Center ministries. out of 32 of Those, only 1.60% of 22,168 jobs booked for Veterans are filled. For example, Indian Railways, one of The world’s largest employers in the country, they employed only 1.4 percent (16,264 out of 1.15 million) of attitudes with retired of Armed forces.

spokeswoman for Indian Railways said recruitment for About 24,242 vacancies of The ex-military was underway.

“All qualified candidates who qualify with Minimum standards are selected against stipulated share.

Recently times There she has also Some contracted of ex soldiers against specific requirements Like gatekeepers in Traffic and Engineering.

For 10 special defense support units, where the center is announced Reserve 10 percent for In the Agnipath chart, veterans made up 3.45 percent and only 2.71 percent of Group C and Group D publications, respectively.

Resettlement of the Directorate General head Sharad Kapoor refused comment on low labor rate. a senior official said since body He wasn’t legal, he didn’t have the necessary powers force ministries To carry out reservations.

“Reservation for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other backward classes are legal and enforced by all central classes government organizations. On the other hand, reservation made for Ex-military executive in nature. Without legal support, the Directorate General cannot be resettled perform duties assigned to him diligently.” official He said.

Even the paramilitaries didn’t show much interest in Hiring veterans. as such of June 2021, only 0.62 percent of Reserved Positions for Veterans filled with five wings of Paramilitary forces: Border Security Force (BSF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), Shastra Sima Pal (SSB), and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

while central government announced that 10 per cent of vacancies in CAPF will be reserved for Agnivers, senior Officials of CAPF cited organizational hurdles and a different job profile than military Such as main reason for Not hiring ex-military personnel.

“The role of defense forces that fight External aggression is different from that of CAPFs, which are responsible for Homeland Security must work with A softer touch. So these who comes from military . said senior official of one of Paramilitary forces.

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pointed out soldiers From the army has the advantage of promotion over Direct recruits into CAPFs because they joined Armed Forces in young Age compared to CAPF.

The paramilitaries were wary that they would do it lead To the discontent and frustration among them personnel They objected to the assimilation soldiers who they served in He said.

States also can not find jobs for former soldiers.

For example, by December 2019, it will be Bihar, Ub, Punjab and Haryana, which together represent for 80 percent of Armed forces in India provided jobs for only 1.5 per cent of 200,000 veterans who was recorded for a job.

Officials of State boards say sane while most states have reservations under the ex-military quota for All positions, they are reluctant to recognize the graduation certificate issued by military.

An army man, pilot, or sailor joins The armed forces after category 10. The armed forces give them a graduation certificate after 15 years of Services. Many countries do not recognize these certificates. Even if they are identified, ex-soldiers fail To pass the competitive exams as are the papers of Graduation criteria, “A official of Sainik State Council said.


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