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Agniever’s Recruitment March: Indian Army issues new notices; Check registration and other details

Even with protests across the country against Agnipath scheme continues, Indian Army on On Monday, a new notice was issued regarding the recruitment drive of Agniveer announced that recordings for The same will open from July.

The army said in its notification that online Register for The force can be recruited on www.joinindianarmy.nic.inIt is mandatory for All job aspirants new model.

The military said that “Agniveers” would form a distinguished rank in Indian Army that will be different from any other existing ranks and release of “Agniveer” on their own request before finishing of terms of Sharing is not allowed. The military said the “Agniveers” would have no right to be selected after completion of fouryear period.

“Agniveers” will be prevented from revealing a secret information Acquired during the four-year period of service to any person or source not authorized under the Official Secrets Act 1923.

“Employees registered through the Agniveer scheme will be required To undergo periodic medical examinations and physical/written/field examinations as per the orders given. The performance Will be considered to show it for post show for Register in The regular The army said.

She said that the basis on organizational requirements And policies issued, “Agniveers” after completing their engagement period in Each batch will be given an opportunity to apply for Register in The regular Staff.

Eligibility criteria

Tenth grade pass with 45 percent marks in Total and 33 percent in Every subject is mandatory for applicants. For technical staff of “Agniveers” including for The Aspiring Flight Wing need to me clear class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English with 50 percent marks in total and 40 percent in every topic.

For those who apply for attitudes of Clerk or Store Keeper (Technician) Class 12 in any stream required with 60 percent marks in total and 50 per cent in every topic.

This cadre has 50 percent marks in English and Mathematics / Accounts / Bookkeeping are mandatory.

The army kept two classes for “Agniveer” themed merchants – one for Those who graduated from the tenth grade and further for VIII pass Of which.

In both categories, there is no requirement for Combined scores but candidates need Get 33% of the marks in Notification said each subject.

According to the notification, bonus Signs of 20 will be given in Joint entrance exam for some categories of Seniors are like children of soldier son of ex-soldier son of war widow son of widow of ex-soldier.

Agnipath has an age group of 17 and -half years up to 21 for only four years with Destined to retain 25% of they for 15th more Years. The government she has extended Maximum age is 23 years for Recruitment in 2022.

“Agniveers” will be eligible for 30 days vacation in a year as such against 90 days for those in regular Services. Medical leave will be granted on the basis of on medical advice

What is an Agnipath scheme?

In June 2022, the center presented the Agnipath . scheme in try to recruit soldiers below Rank of Commissioned officers in the three services of Armed forces.

Soldiers recruited under this scheme will be known as Agnivers who will serve in Army for 4 years including training for six months followed by 3.5 years of Designation. During the membership period, they will be eligible for honors and awards, in accordance with the current guidelines governing this subject for Indian Army.

After retirement, they can apply to continue in army and 25% of Agniveers will be selected for Permanent staff.

Initially, it was decided that the aspirants between the ages of 17 and a half years and 21 years of Age will be eligible for Recruitment under the scheme. However, in the wake of mass protests across the country, the Ministry of Defense said that “the age limit for Recruitment process for Agnipath diagram for 2022 to 23 years.

Agnipath Recruitment Dates:

Indian Army: From July 1, notifications about it will be issued by various Recruitment units. Recruitment rallies will take place in August, September and October

The first Package of 25000 personnel will join training in The first And the second week of Dec. The second Many of Recruits will join in February.

Indian Navy and Air Force: Naval Command Headquarters will come out with Broad guidelines for Recruitment by June 25th. The first will batch join in November. Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force start The registration process under the Agnipath scheme on June 24.

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