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After the students opened schools for males only .. UNESCO warns

After the Taliban allowed only male middle and high school students to return to schools, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization called for reopening the doors of educational institutions in Afghanistan for girls as well, warning of catastrophic consequences for half of the country’s population.

UNESCO said in a statement, today, Saturday, “If this ban for girls continues, it will constitute a grave violation of the basic right to education for girls and women.”

It also called on those responsible for this declaration (in reference to the government Taliban) to clarify the situation and reopen schools for all Afghan students, male and female.” According to Agence France-Presse, “Afghanistan’s future depends on educating both girls and boys, adding that this is no less important than allowing all female teachers to return to teaching, thus providing a safe and inclusive learning environment.”

It also considered that “the delay in the return of girls to secondary schools threatens to marginalize them in terms of science and, later, in life. This increases the risk of them dropping out of education completely, and exposes them to negative coping mechanisms such as early marriage.

From a school in Afghanistan (Associated Press

“Our commitment to Afghan children is clear, and our collective responsibility is to ensure that the fundamental right to education is fully respected for all of them.”

It is reported that ten days after the reopening of private universities, In the country, the Afghan Ministry of Education announced yesterday, Friday, that “all male teachers and students” at the secondary level will return to schools today, without mentioning any female teachers or students. Recalling the ghost of the past about 20 years ago, when the extremist movement ruled the country, preventing women from working or educating, and imposing its oppressive teachings and laws on them.

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