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After the police give up the pursuit, driver trying to give up at Ralphs but no one whether there is a arrest his

The authorities pursued the suspect stolen vehicle Thursday night and though the officers pulled out off as well as abandoned in chase, driver of in car eventually stopped at Ralphs and tried to give himself up, even though the police were not there.

The pursuit began after the LAPD found the suspect. stolen vehicle white kia, in downtown los angeles just until 10 p.m., according to Officer Cruz.

The California Highway Patrol then chose up pursuit that headed for the San Fernando Valley, then back toward downtown Los Angeles on Highway 5 before exiting Highway 110.

Kia got out near the campus of USC and started run red light, so the CHP stopped the pursuit. LAPD traced car for a little, then pulled off also.

By 11 p.m. driver seemed to be going in circles in residential area of Jefferson Park, with no police vehicles near, nearby. The passenger ran out of vehicle near Adams-Normandy, while driver continuation on.

At about 23:25, driver stopped him car in Ralphs parking lot, got out and laid his hands over his head despite the absence of Next to him are law enforcement officers.

Then he lay down in a clear attempt to give up, although no one tried to take him into custody.

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