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After the murders in New Mexico, Muslims on edge

Albuquerque business owner Mula Akbar now carries a pistol most often of time after three muslims men he knew they were ambushed and killed in largest in New Mexico city in in last 10 days.

He said that he and the other members of Muslim Albuquerque community take such precautions during a police search for one who aims and shoots dead four men of Pakistani or Afghan descent in in city since November.

Akbar said he last saw Naeem Hossain on Friday at the funeral of two other men, Muhammed Afzaal Hussein, 27, and Aftab Hussein, 41, who were killed on August 1 and July 26, respectively.

hossain, in he was about 20 years old, was shot dead death hours later near Central Avenue, southeast Albuquerque, like two others men. Akbar also knew Mohammad Ahmadi, who like he was a Muslim from Afghanistan. Ahmadi was shot dead on November 7, 2021 while smoking a cigarette outside a business him and him brother ran in to southeast Albuquerque, Akbar said.

“People are trying to come to terms with ‘Why us? why a muslim communityAkbar said, former US Department of State official, who licensed for concealed carry.

The police gave several clues as to why they thought the murders were related to anything other than the victims. race and religion.

On Monday safety briefing for university of This was stated by Albuquerque Police Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock of New Mexico (UNM). public watch out for a gray or silver Volkswagen Jetta believed to be involved in murders.

last three murders took place near the UNM campus, and some Pakistani students left town for safety said Tahir Gauba, spokesperson for Islamic Center of New Mexico, where all four victims worshipped.

During the briefing, police advised concerned students to carry pepper spray. on campus, but said vigilance and observation out for one the other was theirs best protection.

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