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After the fail inside the job, the banker who tried to steal Rs 34 crore was arrested

The main The accused has escaped with 12 crores of Rs. (representative)


Scheme over Approximately one yearIt said with Liberal inspiration from the world hit Netflix show “money theft”, a bank Robbery near Mumbai thrown up No less interesting detail than a noteworthy sight web series.

The internal function has been solved with The arrest of five people and the recovery of This week the police said Rs 12 crore of them. They had earlier found 22 Crore at ICICI Bank Branch in Thane during their investigation of the theft in July this year.

Altaf Sheikh 43 years old main Accused in The case, he was arrested and was Rs 9 crore found The police said of him. Accustomed to work chaperone of The vaults In the bank And they had plotted the detailed theft. His sister, known as Nilufer, has a also They said they were arrested.

“Resident Sheikh” of Mumbra, he was working with ICICI Bank as Custodian. As the guard, he was the caretaker of The bank locker keys. Go on year Planning theft, studying loopholes in The system and assembly tools to pull it off, said a police officer at Manpada Police Station.

During the investigation, the police found That the sheikh planned the entire robbery by expanding the AC channel to infiltrate out The cash In the trash and mess with CCTV footage, is added.

After deactivating the alarm system And sabotage CCTV, Fatah Sheikh bank vault and transfer cash to the channel and below to the chute. the accident came light distance bank I realized that security money It was missing, as well as DVR of CCTVs, which prompted her personnel to me call inspection team,” The official He said.

With technicians notifying authorities that the footage has been stored online In addition to realizing that his plan was collapsing, the elder fled the scene with About 12 crores. The remaining Rs 22 crore was discovered under a tarp in bank.

Go on next Three months on The run changes its appearance and using Burqa to conceal his identity. Sheikh Nilufer’s sister, who was aware of His movement, I hid some cash in to her home. She has been accused as an accomplice in Case and arrest, police said. The elder was finally captured from Pune on Monday.

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