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After Snub to Cong, Prashant Kishor Drops Hint on future. Starts from Bihar

Election strategist Prashant Kishore, in The news Recently for a failed Attempt join hands with Conference, on On Monday I dropped a hint about future plans As is took To Twitter to reveal his roadmap on completing 10 years of help “shape forefront-people policy”.

“for me quest To be a meaningful participant in democracy and help shape forefront-people policy Led to a 10 year roller coaster ride! When I turn the page, it’s time to go to Real Masters, the people, to better understand the issues and path To जन सुराज – Good Governance of Peoples

शुरुआत # बिहार से,” Kishore tweeted, revealing that he had chosen Bihar to end his vacation. After the slingshot of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to amazing win last yearAs he predicted, Kishore said he would “leave space”.

Kishore’s encrypted tweet has triggered Rumors that he might launch a political front. the strategist, who he is in Patna for tow days for Meetings with Like-minded parties and leaders had earlier launched an initiative called “Pat Bihar Ki” to measure mood. of the state.

The announcement It comes days after Kishore impeached Congress, citing that more from him party Necessary leadership and collective will fix deep rooted structure problems through transformational reforms. Kishore sought to unleash the revival of the grand old party but part of it of Commanders remain cautious of He and his association with other political parties.

In Bihar, specifically, Kishore with president minister Nitish Kumar for Assembly surveys for 2015, and entered into the JD (U) three years later by CM who It was also The party president back Then. data analystwhich includes a list of its clients who’s who of Indian politicsنيز rise in JD (U) and upgraded to post of national Cum in a few months, sparking speculation in He has a reclusive president minister probability that found his political successor.

However, Kishore’s hostile attitude on The controversy over the CAA-NPR-NRC has angered the BJP, the coalition partner of dinars (U). JD finished (U) up vote in favor of Nationality Amendment Bill in Parliament, to follow only course correction of sorted by kumar who Got a resolution passed in Council of State against Proposed national registry for citizens.

When Kumar tried to belittle Kishore, the survey strategist accused him party boss of He lied and was sacked less than 24 hours Later. He was then appointed to the Trinamool Congress as a ballot strategist, and was touted as an effective in The huge party win in 2021 West Bengal Assembly Elections.

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