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After Marzouki's statements, a Tunisian court opens an investigation

After the recent statements of former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki sparked controversy in the Tunisian street, especially after considering them as incitement against the country, and after President Kais Saied asked the Minister of Justice to open a judicial investigation into her, the Court of Appeal moved today, Friday.

The court announced the opening of an investigation into Marzouki’s words, in which he described the presidential regime in Tunisia during a protest pause in France a few days ago as dictatorial, hinting at the need to hold him accountable. On the appeal, Habib Tarkhani, that an investigation was opened regarding the recent statements issued by the former President of the Republic, Moncef Marzouki in France, based on Chapter 23 of the Penal Code, and based on the permission issued by the Minister of Justice and after the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal authorized the Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance, according to what Radio “Mosaique”.

Withdrawal of the diplomatic passport

Marzouki’s statements sparked a wave of criticism against him by many political parties and parties.

The “Diplomatic Corps Syndicate” also demanded that the diplomatic passport be withdrawn from him, considering his words inciting against

His statements were also described as dangerous, accusing him of trying to sabotage the 50th summit of the Francophonie, which is scheduled to be organized in Tunisia next month.


“The crime of high treason”

While the Alliance for Tunisia party considered that Marzouki’s statement from France constitutes an invitation to a foreign country from Yes, anti-Tunisia, and he considered that these attitudes amount to a “crime of high treason.”

Tunisian President Kais Saied

Saied also called for all measures to be taken.

Later, Saeed announced that he would withdraw his diplomatic passport. He said in a cabinet meeting, referring to Marzouki: “You know how someone went abroad to beg him to strike Tunisian interests, and I say it today, whoever did this will withdraw his diplomatic passport because he is among the enemies of Tunisia.”

It is reported that Moncef Marzouki held the presidency of the Republic in Tunisia between 2011 and 2014.

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