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After losing in Wyoming, Cheney says she thinks about running away for the president

Leading that list is someone who was once dubbed the “random congressman,” Rep. Kerry Bentivoglio (R-Michigan). Primary long range contender, he won seat in 2012 after Republican incumbent failed to qualify for primary vote and then resigned. Two years later, Bentivoglio is an aspiring politician with No real chance of win in ordinary circumstances – lost his main by the age of 33 points.

Rep. Chris Bell (D-Texas) lost primary in 2004 by 35 points, but this happened after his area was overhauled, which drastically reduced the number of White voters and opening the door for a black main contender.

Like these examples, most of the largest margin in history was achieved under unusual circumstances: dramatic redistricting, party switches, scandals, or unusual primary processes. Many incumbents lost the primaries double digits and some lost by 20 points or more, but mostly in the presence of these factors.

About the only internal party reproach about this century it was comparable to Cheney – both for his absence of these factors and size of defeat is coming in South Carolina in 2010 when Rep. Bob Inglis (RS.C.) found took the tea party wave. But this required runoff with two candidates before he came close to bad like losing Cheney.

In addition to the races mentioned above, next-largest primary lesion sound familiar: loss of 27.5 points of Rep. Tom Rice (RS.C.) formerly year. Rice, like Cheney voted to impeach Trump.

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