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After Liz Truss’s pay cut, a reversal that other Conservative candidates don’t promise add up? | conservative leadership

Humiliating U-turn by Liz Truss on her proposal to reduce regional public industry pay proved ultimate example of how big policy offers can fall apart quickly on contact.

As part of a package pinch down on public service spending, dubbed the “war on waste,” Truss said. up up to £8.8bn could be saved by creating regional payment offices. It would in effect watered down salary packages offered to officials seeking new contracts outside London and the South East, given the relatively lower cost of live away from the capital.

Sunak’s supporters immediately captured on in policy As an example of “alignment down— with conservative mayor of Tees Valley, Ben Houchen, speaking millions of nurses, police and military effectively face wage cuts. While Truss campaign said the criticism was “deliberate misrepresentation”, they deployed in less than 24 hours later and said the offer would not be “accepted forward”.

But it’s not the only one policy positioned by two candidates as prime minister that can’t resist up for a more thorough examination.

The promises of Liz Truss

Tax cuts

The tax was key dividing line in Competition, with Truss promises to cancel the 1.25 percentage point increase. in national insurance premiums to be paid for growth in NHS and social care that came in force in April. She has also vowed to abolish steep corporate tax rise planned for next year.

She offered plans will help to do cost of life crisis, but the Resolution Foundation indicated out that only 15% of benefits of reduction of network cards will go to the poorest half of in population, who will be hit heaviest in energy price rises.

Liz Truss photographed with supporters on event in Ludlow. Photograph: Jacob King/PA.

Meanwhile, it has been repeatedly suggested that unjustified tax cuts could lead to higher inflation, forcing the Bank to of England to push up interest rates—perhaps not up to 7%, as suggested by its economic guru Patrick Minford, but more than otherwise, the Resolution Fund suggests perhaps up to 1 percentage point.

cutting crime by 20%

Truss promised to follow the reduction in key crimes by 20% to the end of in parliament and this data on murder, serious violence and neighborhood crime will be published force on force. These statistics already collected government and announcement didn’t offer any new resources or say how such a drastic reduction can be achieved.

Sir Peter Fahy, former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police said the targets have been shown to create perverse incentives where officers are concentrated. on easier wins to boost stats, not hard cases or the most vulnerable.

Farm plans similar to the measures discussed senior Interior Ministry officials and police chiefs in the end of 2020 and 2021, but which were not accepted.

Rishi Sunak’s promises

Cut taxes by 20% by the end of in next parliament

Team Truss called it Sunak’s reversal. who previously warned against promising immediate tax cuts, but this is less obvious one than his promise to lower VAT on electricity bills, which he refused to do as chancellor. The most obvious gap in this is policy it’s feasibility of make promises that tax cuts may or may not be made in until 2029, no idea of fiscal situation.

Institute for financial research points out that although this is a significant cut, it is still significantly smaller than net tax rise announced Sunak as Chancellor, which was “comfortable more how twice how big.” sunaka new policy would still leave total tax deduction as a proportion of national income, with highest level since the early 1950s.

Sunak’s proposal made because the Treasury has a “headroom” before it violates fiscal rules on borrowing. But given the volatility of economic situation, it’s easy for it’s breath space disappear.

Conservative leadership proposed Rishi Sunak (left) speaks during event in    Ludlow.
Rishi Sunak (ur.left) speaks during event in Ludlow. Photograph: Jacob King/PA.

Charger for Therapist’s appointments

Sunak said he would introduce a £10 temporary fee. for Patients who miss “second or subsequent appointment of a general practitioner. This approach appears to be aimed at encouraging patients not to skip meeting lightly; but this has been criticized by medical and health leaders policy experts.

The NHS has warned that spending of management of this scheme is likely to outweigh money picked it up and assumed it was more important to deal with the reasons people cannot be present with home visits and evening meetings, for example.

The BMA said that this would violate the principle of free primary health care. of use failing to cope real problems faces of the NHS.

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Sunak said people who denigrate the UK should be treated as extremists and the government’s Prevent de-radicalization program. The intention was to ensure What do you want with extreme hatred of our country, which makes them represent risk to national security can be identified and abstracted from the destructive path”.

However, the definition of extremism in prevent strategy is not legally binding and is a voluntary program anyway. While Sunak campaign stressed that criticism of in government or its policy will not be included, concerns have been raised that this risk “mental crime propensity” and further damage reputation.

His announcement also made no mention of far-right extremism, which the parliament’s intelligence and security committee found in his report last month was on “upward trajectory” and that MI5 claimed responsibility for deal with it without the necessary resources.

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