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After BJP MP booked in Airport Row, Delhi Police Name Deoghar DC in The issue of sedition

A day after Jharkhand police submitted the FIR against BJP lawmakers Nishikant Dube and Manoj Tiwari, Born Dube and others, say they are “strongly” took flight permit on August 31 from Air Traffic Control at Deogar Airport, and it’s not ready yet for Night operations, Delhi Police filed FIR report Saturday on Dobby’s complaint. She was charged with sedition against Deputy Commissioner of Dogar and Jharkhand Police Officers for “playing with national security” by entering “restricted” area of Duggar Airport.

The ‘zero FIR’, which was sent by Delhi Police to Kunda Police Station in Dugar for The investigation said: “Rep. Nishikant Dube, Chair of the Duggar Airport Advisory Committee has filed a complaint at PS North Avenue (11.34 a.m. September 3)… criminal force to deter public Servant out of duty), 448 (house infringement), 201 (causing disappearance of manual), 506 (criminal intimidating), 120b (criminal conspiracy) and the Officials Secrets Act”.

receipt for commentDeoghar Deputy Commissioner Manjunath Bhajantri told The Indian Express: story… afterthought … (after) security breach arrest protocol. During the investigation by the competent authorities, everything will be revealed. black and white.”

In Dogar FIR against Dobby and others have been registered at Kunda Police Station on September 1 on complaint of Safety inShipping Suman Anand who They said they violatedsafety standards’ by entering the ATC room and lobbying officials to grant -off Although there was no statement ‘There is no facility of take the night off/ drop “.

According to the flight information report, on August 31, the local sunset time was 1803 hours And the “air Services ‘was to be performed up Until 1730 hours”.

D.C. Bhajantri, in Letter to Principal Secretary, Cabinet Coordination (Civil Aviation), Jharkhand, said: “Dhoby and others came inside the ATC room…Security in- The official said that the pilot and passengers were pressing for Clearance to take offwhich I give. The letter has a complaint of Security inShipping, and later converted to FIR.

Dobby’s complaint, which was also transferred to the FIR in Delhi, he said he was supposed to travel to Delhi on On August 31 and after security check, board a charter flight at 5.25pm on August 31.

Since the case is pending in Jharkhand High Court regarding shortage of Night landing facilities and did not have enough time, Dobby said he walked barefoot to the airport director’s office to discuss it.

“While I was going, Jharkhand police and staff (of the state governmentHe stopped me and abused my two sons, who They came to me with my sandals and threatened me kill I. obstructed my country work for example of Deoghar DC, who you came to know The next On the day (DC) entered the banned DRDO at Deoghar area where one Delhi Police told FIR quoting Dube.

As things escalated, a Twitter war broke out between Dhobi and Bhajantri. The deputy asked the capital, “…How did you get into the airport and under what authority? Who gave you permission to watch the CCTV footage? You’re frustrated, be your Chief Minister sycophant and be nice.”

On this, Bhajantri replied that he has the power and took Gate pass” for Entry. Dobby said: Who gave you permission to enter the apron? ATC tower? You have violated all norms. Pathetic.” Bhajantri dismissed the charge. Dube said the officer violated national Safety. When Bhajantri asked who Dobby gave to him children The deputy said he was given permission to enter ATC.

To enter the ATC building, one needs an Airport Entry Permit (AEP) issued by the airport operator in agree with Security Agency in Cost of the airport.

While at larger airports, CISF takes over security responsibilities at a smaller airport like Duggar, State Police are the ones running the security roles. Security in-Cost of Deogar airport is DSP Suman Anand.

until for AEP, a person needs pre-approval to enter ATC building. In the AEP application form issued by the office of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), there are 13 areas that anyone can enter. These include arrival Hall, departure hall, station buildingsecurity contract areayard areaATC building, ATC tower and charging station building.

but, access Licenses are granted on a need Basis. For example, ground airline employees, who You may have permission to access arrival Hall, departure hall, station building safety contract areaYou may not have permission to enter the ATC or ATC tower building.

According to an order issued in October 2007 by the Ministry of Civil Aviation on Topic “Courtesy towards members of Parliament at airports”, member of Parliament may be allowed for free access in station building and visitors gallery on the basics of Members of Parliament ID card”, but it does not say whether MPs are allowed to enter ATC headquarters. The order has been circulated by the Ministry again in January 2020.

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Deogar airport opened in July this year, lacks facilities to conduct night operations. in reply to ask in Rajya Sabha on July 25, government He said there are 25 airports in The country, including Duggar, is without night landing facilities.

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