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Aftab will undergo a lie detector tomorrow, says Tihar jail Administration | latest delhi news

Aaftab Poonawalla accused of killing And cutting his partner Shraddha Walker into 35 pieces, he will undergo a polygraph test Also tomorrow, said the Taihar prison administration on Monday.

On Monday, Poonawala underwent a polygraph test In the forensic science laboratory in Rohini Delhi. I have undergone first session of The test last Tuesday, but fell ill the day after. Subsequently, Poonawalla was taken for Subsequent sessions on Thursday and Friday.

Poonawala is currently in 13 days of judicial detention as ordered by the Delhi court last Saturday. he is currently settled down in jail Number four in Tihar prisonobserver round the hour using Surveillance cameras on Fears that he could hurt himself.

He was arrested on November 12 where he allegedly told the police how He killed his partner, Shraddha Walker on May 18 in Chhattarpur their apartment. He cut it off body into 35 pieces and then stored in his refrigerator for Approximately three months before disposal in places across south delhi.

Here are five big developments unfolded on Monday in Shraddha Walker murder issue.

1. Attack with swords by the police carrying Aftab Poonawalla men Claiming to be from Hindu Sena outside Forensic Science Laboratory. circulating videos on social media It showed the attackers wielding swords as they tried to enter the police van. Delhi Police arrested attackers from the site.

2. Hindu Sina President Vishnu Gupta said that through the police and media Reports that he learned that people who The police car carrying Aftab Poonawalla’s personnel was attacked of The outfit. They could be members of our group But what they did was private/personal step Nor of Hindu Sena,” said Gupta.

3. Delhi Police recovered some weapons with Which Poonawala made by Shraddha body to 35 pieces. However, the investigators did not disclose which weapons were found and from which locations.

4. Police her also He retrieves a ring which the accused had taken from Shraddha body And the gifted for him new A friend, whom he had befriended through a dating app. The new Siddiqui is a psychiatrist, and is believed to have dated Aftab. She was recently questioned by the Delhi Police.

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