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Afghan judo champion fights for survival in Pakistan

I applied for work in restaurants, department store and hotel. A little people they said they couldn’t give me a job because I don’t have work permit.

There were others problems too much. When I first Arrived, the guest house refused me accommodation because I did not have a visa.

I also was harassed by the police who tried to demand bribe. This often happens to Afghans here. And once a taxi driver reproached me for leave Afghanistan saying that I have no honor.

I live in hostel in center of Islamabad and are paid 20,000 rupees per month, including food and laundry. But now I used up all my savings. I should walk everywhere because I don’t have money.

now I’m planning move to makeshift Afghan refugee camps set up in a park in in city. I don’t have another option.

I had a happy life in Afghanistan. My big loved judo and kurash (uniform of wrestling). My fans they called me “uchimata”, like of judo throw.

I represented Afghanistan in a lot of international tournaments in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Turkey, etc. In 2014, I won silver at the South Asian Judo Championships in Nepal.

I miss my sport – it was my life. I had to leave my judo uniform, medals and trophies. in Afghanistan. I can’t find a place to practice judo near where I am live and cannot afford to travel.

After a few months without work, I became depressed. I have nothing to do but watch movies, read books, play snooker and sleep.

A few weeks ago I couldn’t even bear light on in my room, but also whenever i switched it off it was symbolic of in way in my life was also was repaid.

Then my friends advised me start exercises. Every day I go to gym in park and do my exercises to help deal with stress.

I see nothing future in Pakistan now. What can we expect from Pakistan when it already facing economic crisis, high inflation and political instability? me now want to move to a European country, USA or Canada is the only hope for to me.

I refer to these countries to help because the doors of Afghanistan is shut for to me.

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