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Adobe sent out a message to creatives concerned about the spread of artificial intelligence

New AI tools in Creative Cloud include Photoshop tools for photo repair and background replacement, as well as one-click color correction in Premiere Pro, and Adobe Express tooltips for converting text to image. However, for the first time during the Adobe MAX 2022 conference, the company devoted nearly as much time to the sense of ownership of its AI technology as it did to the features themselves.

Even before the advent of Photoshop’s new artificial intelligence, the tools were detailed, said Shantanu Narayen, the company’s CEO, the company is determined to “advance AI for the benefit of society,” and as part of that commitment, Adobe Express is now completely free for non-profit organizations.

Fearing that AI will one day replace artists, Scott Belsky, director of product at Adobe, went on to describe how AI can only be “co-pilot in creative endeavors.” He said Adobe wants to thoughtfully evolve its AI offerings by “approaching the idea from a creator’s point of view. We want it to benefit creative people, not replace them.”

This opinion is shared by Adobe. This was confirmed by director of product management Brian O’Neil Hughes, who told Creative Bloq, “We are very careful about how we approach AI and we have a large team of people working on it. what is real and what is not.

Perhaps the most tangible aspect of Adobe’s commitment to helping users know what’s “real” is the Content Authenticity Initiative, which aims to combat disinformation and add a verifiable layer of trust to all kinds of digital content. Adobe has announced a partnership with camera makers Leica and Nikon to bring proven technology directly into their cameras.

With the release of the Dall-E 2 text-to-image generators, many artists, including Kyle T. Webster, Adobe illustrator and design evangelist, have also expressed distaste for the concept of artificial intelligence. While it’s clear that the art of artificial intelligence isn’t going anywhere, it’s encouraging that Adobe is paying attention to it as well, according to Creative Bloq.

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