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Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury refers to President Mormo as ‘Rashtrapatni’, sparking protests in Parliament

It was led by Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman and Smriti Irani offensive against Conference on Thursday, both indoors and outside Parliament demands Congress leader Adir Ranjan Chowdhury to apologize for Referring to Chief Draupadi Murmo as “Rashtrapatni”.

Chowdhury, who He heard a reference to the chief as “Rashtrapatni”. in A video clip said “No doubt of Apology.”

“You are guilty of insulting the supreme leader of Armed Forces, you are guilty of Humiliation of a tribal leader.. the conference party She can’t stand the honor given to a tribe, she is unable to digest a poor tribal woman who becomes chief of India, said an Iranian in Lok Sabha even as BJP MPs protest on The floor of the home.

In the Rajya Sabha, Sitharaman said that calling the president ‘Rasthrapati’ was a ‘sexual insult’ because ‘Rasthrapati is a gender-neutral word’.

Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have been postponed due to protests from the referee party Representatives over The issue.

Earlier, BJP MPs organized a rally at Gate No. 4 against What they described as an “insult” to the president.

But Choudhury was defiant. “Without a doubt of Apologies. I had mistakenly said “Rashtrapatni”… the verdict party in deliberate design trying to make a mountain out of Chaudhry told reporters.

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