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ADB declares “significant” flood relief package


Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced on Tuesday “significant” relief and rehabilitation package for flood-hit Pakistan, designed to “support people’s livelihood and infrastructure immediately, and in for a long time-term”.

The ADB statement says that use ongoing projects to repair damaged infrastructure, including roads and irrigation infrastructure, and support in development as well as financial stability of agricultural sector to improve food security in short and mediumterm.

“We also processing countercyclical support to help the poor and the vulnerable, especially women and children affect whether of food prices and other external shocks,” the statement said. “In the long-term, we will give priority to projects that support post-flood reconstruction and building resilience to climate change and natural disasters”. added.

“We will provide more Details of our new help package when it is completed. We will work close with in government and others international agencies help rebuild life and livelihood of in more than 33 million people affected by the natural disaster,” the ADB concluded.

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