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Adam Montgomery, father of Harmony Montgomery charged with gun theft in 2019

father of Harmony Montgomery, 7-year-Old who went missing two years later last visible in New Hampshire, been indicted on Monday with steal some pistols just weeks before she disappeared.

Prosecutors said the alleged gun the crimes were not related to the disappearance of child, but the timeline raised questions about what father, who has a long track record up when she went missing.

Adam Montgomery, 32, has been charged. with eight new crimes related to theft of firearms that occurred between September 29, 2019 and October 3, 2019, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office said. on Monday. While the details of the thefts were not immediately cleared, the authorities said he faced two charges of an armed career criminal, which means that Montgomery stole the weapons — a rifle and a shotgun — after he was convicted. of at least three other crimes.

Accusations come just days after Montgomery was indicted grand jury for allegedly abusing it 7-year-Old daughter, who It was last seen around November 2019.

“This is the break we needed in case,” Krystal Sori, Harmony Montgomery’s mother, told The Daily Beast on Monday. “There are no way he receives out of jail for very long time.”

Sorey expressed hope that the allegations against her daughters father can finally provide some answers about what happened to the baby and prove that Montgomery was “unstable” father who should had no guardianship of Harmony in in first place.

“I feel like this is what we need to keep adam in jail and maybe come up with deal to get him talking about Harmony’s location Sorey added.

Montgomery was not charged in connection with his daughter’s disappearance.

The authorities say that Harmony was last seen between November 28 and December 10, 2019, after her family was evicted from them home in Manchester, New Hampshire. According to investigators, Harmony was living at the time with her father and stepmother Kayla and their two children. (Kyla has since been charged for supposedly using Harmony’s food stamps despite not living with child.)

Before she disappears prosecutors let’s say Adam Montgomery abused Harmony in 2019. An arrest affidavit previously set out series of disturbing allegations of abuse against in father, including the fact that he confessed to his uncle Kevin that he had inflicted black eye on Harmony in July 2019 just months after child protection services granted him custody.

“I beat her around houseMontgomery allegedly told Kevin Montgomery, stating that he left Harmony”in charge of watching her baby brother till [he] It was in bathroom.”

Prosecutors allege that the violence was punishment after Harmony’s murder. young brother “began to cry” and Harmony was found “holding her hand over the mouth of a child so that he does not cry. Kevin Montgomery previously described being a witness aftermath of abuse, including black the eye is in The Daily Beast.

This abuse, he told investigators, included slapping Harmony.hard on butt”, being forced to “stand in in corner for hours”, and the order “to clean the toilet with her toothbrush.

Authorities say they were not informed of Disappearing harmony that falls to the end of November 2021 when Sori called Manchester Police to report her. daughter “missing and what she didn’t see [her] in over six months.”

call triggered an investigation that eventually led the authorities to learn that virtually no one of 7-year-old family saw her in years.

Authorities finally spoke to Adam Montgomery and his new Girlfriend on New Year’s Eve 2021. At this point, according to investigators, father made “made conflicting statements”, including that Harmony “was fine and that he had recently seen her somewhere”, before later admitting that he had not seen his daughter since November 2019, when her mother “came to pick her up”.

Affidavit added that in the end Montgomery “stopped answering questions” and said, “If I’m not under arrestI’m getting out.” (Then Montgomery’s girlfriend, Kelsey Small, was found dead last month, although the authorities do not believe that there was any violation play.)

Montgomery pleaded not guilty to the abuse charges and was set stand trial for in gun theft accusations on Tuesday.

court documents and media reports show in gun accusations against Montgomery not first time father was accused of crimes unrelated to his child. In fact local news The media reported in January that Montgomery was a suspect in unsolved 2004 murder of Darlene Guzman in Massachusetts.

According to media reports, the police found Guzman is mortally wounded in rib cage outside parking space of in former White Hen Convenience store just until 23:00 on February 10, 2008 An online the obituary notes that Guzmán was 28-year-Old computer repairer who was born in Dominican Republic.

While of Incident, Montgomery would have been 18 years old. Montgomery was not charged in Guzman murder— nor has he been publicly identified by police as a suspect.

In 2014, Montgomery was arrested after allegedly shooting a man. in in head during a drug deal in Massachusetts. Police said Montgomery was shot in the arm. In a hospital interview with police, according to documents obtained by WHDHMontgomery said the shooting happened during struggle after the man he had to buy heroin from tried to rob him.

representative for The Essex District Attorney’s Office previously told The Daily Beast that in September 2014 Montgomery pleaded guilty to multiple crimes. in attitude to the incident and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, criticized Massachusetts officials for subsequently awarding Montgomery custody of his child.


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